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Getting Ready for Sculptra - Lafayette, LA

I am getting 3 vivals of sculptra at one time. Has anyone else ever had that many at once? I am reading where most people only have 1 at a time. I haven't had this done yet but I am looking forward to it. If you have anything that you would like to tell me about this product please inbox me here... READ MORE

Questions from cathy m

Is 3 vials of Sculptra for my face too much at one time? Is it safe?

I'm 44 with a thin face. My PS wanted to do 2 vival but I talked him into doing 3 because I want to get results without having to make so many trips. Is this safe? READ MORE

4 days post op of Sculptra under my eyes, I have very water like puffy eyes. How long before this goes away?

I am getting worried. I did Sculptra 4 days ago and under my eyes are like water puffs it doesn't look like lumps it looks like water pockets under my skin. How long will this... READ MORE

After how many months does sculptra stop building collagen?

I had 4 vials of Sculptra my last 2 a week ago. After reading reviews I'm now worried I will have a fat face. Worried READ MORE

I had 4 vials of Sculptra . I see no difference. Do you think its going to work or not?

4 vials so far. 2 over 5 months ago and 2 more a month ago. I am worried that its not going to work I see NO difference. Does this work on everyone> READ MORE

If Sculptra didn't work on me, do you think Voluma will?

I had 2 vials of sculptra 6 months ago and another 2 vials 7 weeks ago and it just didn't do much. Do you think Voluma will work better? READ MORE

Will smart lipo tighten skin above and around the knee area?

I am 45 with loose skin around and above the knee area. Will smart lipo tighten this area? Its bad enough that I will not wear shorts and I need help tighten it. What will help READ MORE

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I had it done twice with 2 Vivals each time. It helped a little but not much. I'm 45 and had it done 9 months ago. Still holding got for hope that it might kick in some more. READ COMMENT

Thank you for your reply. I will be checking out your review. READ COMMENT

I am so glad that you like your results. I had 4 vials and it helped somewhat but nothing like I was hoping far. Thinking of trying voluma next. READ COMMENT

I am glad you had great results. I kinda shocked to hear that you are already needing a touch up. Didn't you just have this march of 2013. I thought it lasted 2 years or longer??? No ??! READ COMMENT

Thank you for your reply. Did you end up liking your results? How many vials did you get in total ? Was it worth the money and did u have any side effects? READ COMMENT