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Botox Insomnia Thread/Dysport - Los Angeles, CA

I was trying to respond to my thread, but oh yes Botox gave me hideous insomnia for 6 weeks, not at first, but after 3 times, b4 that I was fine, nada. Thank you to the doctors who hear me, and no thank you to the doctors who question if it was the botox, cuz peeps with horrific... READ MORE

Ultherapy Ruined My beautiful Face - Seal Beach, CA

At 41 I got greedy and now I look like a boney caricature of myself. Lifted things but aged me and I don't recognize my pretty face. Will things go back? I can't take a decent pic. Spent life modeling etc please beware. Very depressed. Good clinic. Etc can anyone relate to this. Perhaps it... READ MORE

Questions from babalulu

Insomnia and Anxiety After Botox

I had Botox done 6 times. The first 3 times I had no side effects. The latest 3 times, I got a wicked sinus infection, and an insomnia that's so bad, even 6 over the counter... READ MORE

Will the New Botox Cream, Revance 1000 (Still in Trials), Reduce Side Effects?

Revance 1000 still in trials, I get horrific side-effects from botox/dysport...I heard this cream works great, do u think side effects (anxiety, debilitating anxiety) will be... READ MORE

Potential chin or jaw work ? Hi. My lower third face is weak. Would chin or jaw work help fill this out? (photos)

When i push my lower jaw forward my face looks great filled out and supported. ..are there any appliances that could bring my jaws forward to fill out my face? Considering a... READ MORE

I did Ultherapy 6 mos ago. I have a thin face with big brown eyes. I look hard now. Will this wear off or is this my new face?

I am 41 big eyes, beautiful bone structure. My eyes aren't as pretty and now I'm too boney. Have I ruined myself or will things fall back into place? I can see how this... READ MORE

Ultherapy; Does it wear off? Will my face go back to normal? It has been 6 mos and the result is very unflattering.

Can someone tell me if my face will loosen up and things will go back to normal. I want to look soft and friendly and sexy again. I look like skelator. The shape of my face and... READ MORE

My nose looks huge after Ultherapy. And advice?

Ultherapy gave me a narrow looking face and the main focus went from my eyes to my nose and cheek area on the sides of my nose. Have you heard of this? Will this resolve with time? READ MORE

Ultherapy made my eyes smaller and hooded. Can you tell me why this happened?

It's been 6 months. I just saw my before and afters. My eyes are now small and hooded. They were big, bright, and bushy-tailed looking. I've aged 5 years in 6 months. The... READ MORE

What is the best type of fat graft for the face? (Photo)

I was botched by ultherapy and went from a beautiful face to scary. I am gaunt. I'm 41. I need THE best as I've heard horror stories. What should I be looking for exactly? I am... READ MORE

My eyes have shrunk from Ultherapy. Will they come back to their original shape? (photos)

Ultherapy destroyed my looks. I can get fat grafts but my gorgeous eyes are now small and worn with some retraction. Did it shrink the socket? Will it ever go back? This isna... READ MORE

I have lower and upper eyelid retraction in one eye. What are my options? Fat injections?

I did ultherapy 6 months ago and had a bad result. Fat loss and a wonky eye. My eyes are both smaller and one is retracted. Can this be solved with fat injections? Will this... READ MORE

I don't like my eye shape after Ultherapy. It went from round to almond. Will this go back? (photos)

I guess the direction of the heat pulls the brows out, but also pulled the eyes out horizontally so that they have lost their openess. This is a pic of another gal on line.... READ MORE

I need help. Ultherapy ruined my face. Can I get to back? No I do not and cannot do Botox. (Photo)

I was beautiful before ultherapy. 6 mos later, I am gaunt and any asymmetry I had us magnified 100x. Especially my eyes. They are small and miss shapen . I was always able to... READ MORE

I need to restore my eyes to their original pre-ultherapy shape. Should I see an oculoplasty surgeon? (Photo)

My eyes are small and hooded. I was pulled too tight I guess and lost fat in the forehead causing a droop. I look like hell. Is there a way to get my eyes back to where they... READ MORE

Hi there. I need to file a complain about ultherapy. Where can I do this? (Photo)

I called the company and that did not do much. How can I file with the FDA? Women need to hear the potential side effects of this before they decide. Check out pics READ MORE

Can you do an upper bleph to remove only a little bit of skin? What about in one eye only? (Photo)

I have one sagging eyelid after ultherapy, while the other eyelid is retracted. Can you just do one eye? Can you control how much skin is removed? My eyes look crazy after this... READ MORE

Can you inject the crease in your upper lid with fat or filler?

Not the brow bone, bit the actual crease? Ultherapy left me with droopy creases. I'm not sure why this happened but I look awful. Thanks READ MORE

Can fat grafting change the shape of your eye?

Or at least give the illusion of different shaped eyes? I would like my eyes to be more sensual looking. They are now round since radiofrequency ( ultherapy ) . READ MORE

Is it advisable to melt all previous fillers before receiving fat grafts?

I have old fillers on cheeks and under eyes. Ultherapy made me look like a skeleton. I can't wait to get fat back in my face. Do I need to melt old fuller's first? Can you... READ MORE

Why does Ultherapy change your eyes for the worse? (Photo)

Ultherapy only lasts 1-2 years. Do the eyes go back to looking pre-ultherapy when everything falls? Here are 2 examples. These women had gorgeous eyes and now they don't. Small... READ MORE

Are fat grafts tricky in the buccal area? Less so in the temples? (photo)

I would hate to have a lump or any imperfections. What kind is better of the buccal area? I was botched by ulthera. I has fillers to help but it's not working. I'm all nose and... READ MORE

Should you inject fat or fillers on depressions on the side of the nose due to Ultherapy fat loss?

Another botched ulthera parient. Yay! My nose Looks gargantuan after severe ultherapy fat loss. I've noticed the sides of ny nose is empty and depressed ( it's not the only... READ MORE

Ultherapy made my face so small and narrow. Will I go back to normal? (Photo)

It's been 6 months. I'm literally missing 30 percent of my face. It's so ugly. I'm all nose. I didn't look anything like this.I just did 2 juvederm in the buccal area. I'm... READ MORE

How can I sue Ultherapy?

My face is ruined from fat loss and I need surgery in one eye from ptosis. They have to go behind the muscle and tighten it. This was the worst thing I have ever had happen to... READ MORE

My eyes have become asian/almond shaped after ultherapy. I also have a droop in one eye now. Why does this happen? (Photo)

This entire treatment has been a disaster. I need Ptosis surgery in one eye but don't want to do it until I know if my natural eye shape will come back before I do it. It's... READ MORE

I had Ultherapy 6 months ago and it has pulled my eyebrows to the sides so my eyes look asian. Can it be fixed?

This had been very awful as my eyes appear smaller and almond. Before i rush into surgeries. ..i need to know if this will loosen up. I want my eyeshape back. This sucks. READ MORE

Ultherapy ruined my face and eyes. My left eye is retracted on the lower lid? Advice? (photo)

This entire process has been a shit show. It melted fat in oat of my face but my cheeks are becoming huge. I'm distorted all around. My left eye looks crazy. I'm allergic to... READ MORE

I lost a lot of facial fat after Ultherapy and my lower eyes have retracted . Will fat injections bring back my shape?

I know this is an atypical side effect , but it happened. Doctors agree, and are working to restore my face...the worst thing is my eyes. My brows look strangely flat against... READ MORE

Can fillers on sides of nose restore eye shape? (photos)

Ultherapy resulted on a ton of fat loss. The sides of my nose and cheeks are flat flat flat. Temples gone as well. I am suffering eye lid retraction on bottom lids from this... READ MORE

Can any procedure be done to show more white on the corners of my eyes?

I had very poor results from Ultherapy. It tightened the skin around my eyes, giving me a smaller asian eyed look. The middle of the lower lid is a bit retracted and the... READ MORE

Can filler be placed above the lips and above the brow area?

I lost a lot of fat from Ultherapy, and my face looks "off" Can filler be placed along the mustache area of the lips? Also my brows are pulling towards the sides of my face... READ MORE

It is my understanding that Ultherapy shrinks tissue? Will it expand again?

My eyes are pulled too tight. The doctor says I have "over correction" which is rare but happens. My eyes appear pulled. Will the tissue expand? I can't get answers here. READ MORE

Will these eyes go back to their original shape?

This is ultherapy only. No botox. Many women's eyes have become smaller after the "tightening". Same happened to me. WILL they go back to being big and bright? READ MORE

Will the shrunken tissue from ultherapy expand eventutally?

So many of us on this board had our faces destroyed by ultherapy. Everything is off. No facial fat, eyes that look different . Is this it? Or is there any chance in hell that... READ MORE

My left eye is ruined from ultherapy. The entire brow is pulling. Will this go back? (Photo)

I had gorgeous eyes. I am ruined by ultherapy, especially the left side of my face. Can I PLEASE get answers. This entire experience left me ugly. READ MORE

I had "over correction" with Ultherapy. What is the protocol for this? (Photo)

My eyebrows are super flat and tight against my head, and my eyes are being pulled. I guess I responded "too well" in a sense. It's very unattractive and uncomfortable. Is... READ MORE

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Thank you. Yeah didn't need it at all. My eye is so crazy looking. I'm going to have to go through with the surgery. Problem is the ocuplasty surgeons don't know anything about ultherapy and the ultherapy people won't help me figure... READ COMMENT

You lose your spark, your character, personality. Total mind f*uck. Check out there's a lot of botched women on there. One lady puts it perfectly saying it is uneven, and asymmetrical and you lose your... READ COMMENT

Omg half of Hollywood ran out and did it and they all look like HELL. It's all going in my blog. Look at kim Kardashian all shrunk, Emily Blunt . Beyonce looks like crap, something is OFF. I'm sure Renee as well. Since I've done it... READ COMMENT

Thank you! I'm trying to meditate. I think I have nerve damage which is causing so much trouble with my eye. They cook your face to 150 degrees. The more I think about it, the crazier it sounds. Thank you for your kind words. READ COMMENT

Anything that heats ur muscle layer to 150 degrees cannot be good. READ COMMENT