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Botox Insomnia Thread/Dysport - Los Angeles, CA

I was trying to respond to my thread, but oh yes Botox gave me hideous insomnia for 6 weeks, not at first, but after 3 times, b4 that I was fine, nada. Thank you to the doctors who hear me, and no thank you to the doctors who question if it was the botox, cuz peeps with horrific... READ MORE

ultherapy My Face Looks Older!!! - Seal Beach, CA

At 41 I got greedy and now I look like a boney caricature of myself. Lifted things but aged me and I don't recognize my pretty face. Will things go back? I can't take a decent pic. Spent life modeling etc please beware. Very depressed. Good clinic. Etc can anyone relate to this. Perhaps it... READ MORE

Questions from babalulu

Insomnia and Anxiety After Botox

I had Botox done 6 times. The first 3 times I had no side effects. The latest 3 times, I got a wicked sinus infection, and an insomnia that's so bad, even 6 over the counter... READ MORE

Will the New Botox Cream, Revance 1000 (Still in Trials), Reduce Side Effects?

Revance 1000 still in trials, I get horrific side-effects from botox/dysport...I heard this cream works great, do u think side effects (anxiety, debilitating anxiety) will be... READ MORE

Potential chin or jaw work ? Hi. My lower third face is weak. Would chin or jaw work help fill this out? (photos)

When i push my lower jaw forward my face looks great filled out and supported. ..are there any appliances that could bring my jaws forward to fill out my face? Considering a... READ MORE

I did Ultherapy 6 mos ago. I have a thin face with big brown eyes. I look hard now. Will this wear off or is this my new face?

I am 41 big eyes, beautiful bone structure. My eyes aren't as pretty and now I'm too boney. Have I ruined myself or will things fall back into place? I can see how this... READ MORE

Ultherapy; Does it wear off? Will my face go back to normal? It has been 6 mos and the result is very unflattering.

Can someone tell me if my face will loosen up and things will go back to normal. I want to look soft and friendly and sexy again. I look like skelator. The shape of my face and... READ MORE

My nose looks huge after Ultherapy. And advice?

Ultherapy gave me a narrow looking face and the main focus went from my eyes to my nose and cheek area on the sides of my nose. Have you heard of this? Will this resolve with time? READ MORE

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Wow. That's promising . I was hot 3 mos ago. This is unreal. My eyes are hollow and round. My chin is skinny and lips even look weird. I have a meeting with the dr tomorrow. Ill make it my life's work to destroy ultherapy on the web.... READ COMMENT

My face is RUINED. Fat melted . i look awful. Can we get a lawsuit going? READ COMMENT

My beautiful youthful face is RUINED. I am meeting tomorrow with the doctors. This should be yanked off the market and I'm sure it will. Did you get a fat transfer? I've aged 5 years in 6 mos. I make my living modeling and acting and... READ COMMENT

Any luck? Sane happened to me with ultherapy. I look 5 years older. I'm thinking fat injections READ COMMENT

Eva God Bless you. I look at pictures from 3 mos ago and it looks like a different person. Do not do it. It works for 3 mos then it goes awry. Love your face. I have 2 appointments next week. Heart breaking. READ COMMENT