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Breasts Tenderness and Swelling After 11 Months Ba?

Ohhhh,soooo tender and swollen both breasts are(11 months ago had a ba sub glandular)....just like we feel before period but this tenderness has been lasting for the last 2... READ MORE

What is Extender Liposuction? My Dr. Recommended It For Me.

A surgeon told me it was the best technique for my chin lipo.I've never heard of it...and when I google it, it only mention masculine genital enhancement?Thanks READ MORE

Have You Heard of ACCUSCULPT as an Alternative for Cheeks Liposuction?

I'm skinny but I've got chubby cheeks, specially upper half. I've been browsing all sorts of liposuction, but none is recommended for upper half of cheeks because... READ MORE

18 Months After BA....Am I Getting Capsular Contracture? (photo)

I have long -term tenderness on both breasts,i.e, 3 out of 4 weeks(specially the sides). They are both tight and I can feel an electric pain in both breasts and discomfort all... READ MORE

I Do Not Need Any Sort of Facelift, but Want to Remove Fat. Acculift or Traditional Facial Lipo for Cheeks?

I am 29 yrs old, and I have no wrinkles. What I want is to remove fat from Chin, Jowls, and Cheeks. According to my research, lipo on the cheeks is not a very good idea, when... READ MORE

Information About Enzyme Liposuction (e-lipo)?

My surgeon suggested E-LIPO . Basically, a mixture of enzyme hyaluronase, water and saline is injected in the area with the aim of 'mushing' the fat cells, and then extraction... READ MORE

Am I Allergic to Botox?

I've had botox in my jawline 3 days ago. The first 24hrs after the shots, I couldn't get out of bed. Severe flu-like symptoms such as weakness, dizziness, sickness, extreme... READ MORE

What Are the Risks of Temporal Lift?

I am only 28 years old, and I believe too young for any type of Facelift. However, my eyes are very big and droopy, and I have Chipmunk cheeks. So, if oyu think of a Bulldog,... READ MORE

Hair Loss at 28 Yrs Old! My Dr Said my Hair is Not Going to Grow Back?

The baldness at the top is so obvious, and there is mild shedding all over my head. My primary physician said there is nothing he can do (blood tests 'normal'). My iron levels... READ MORE

I Think I Have Alopecia Areata. What Will Happen if I Leave It Untreated?

I'm F 29 yrs. There is a spot in my head, 7cm diameter, right at the top, middle front of my head , that is thinning more and more, and it looks like its taking a circular... READ MORE