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Botox Allergy Anyone?

I had Botox 6 weeks ago, 10 units between the brow and after a week developed bad hives and rash all over my face. My face burns and is very red. I've also developed... READ MORE

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Thanks Britt. The doctors responses surprise me as a lot of the symptoms this other girl describes have been well documented as allergic reactions to botox. READ COMMENT

Can you let us know if you're any better now that a few more months have passed. Don't have anything else done, not even fillers. I've had a bad reaction to both, systemic ones like joint pain as you did. I have read that bad allergic... READ COMMENT

Simba1234, did the swelling resolve itself? READ COMMENT

Tried but failed. How are you now? Has there been any improvement? I've had a terrible allergy to botox - rare apparently, but who knows ... Also, you mentioned you had an issue with dissolving the filler with hyaluronidase. What... READ COMMENT

Thanks for letting me know Chicagofit. Knowing how long the ride might be tells me I'd better settle in and try to relax. READ COMMENT