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Botox Allergy Anyone?

I had Botox 6 weeks ago, 10 units between the brow and after a week developed bad hives and rash all over my face. My face burns and is very red. I've also developed... READ MORE

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Thanks for your balanced and thought out update. I can't see the before pictures as they are too small but your written description is really helpful. It's a shame we have allergies but hopefully FT's will be more stable in the future.... READ COMMENT

I have very light coloured skin (burn easily) and get both keloids and hypertrophic scarring. I have been advised not the use laser resurfacing because it risks getting these on my face. Are you saying I can use them? READ COMMENT

I think it was a true allergy as I had hives and little itchy bumps (hives) all over my cheeks for some time. READ COMMENT

Thank you for replying. I'm not in a hurry at all. I'm planning to do it at the end of November when I take my holidays so I have time to recover as I want to do it under the eyes too and I think they might look swollen for some time... READ COMMENT

Did you have a stitch on your face from the fat transfer from where the needle was inserted? I'm just wondering if he pulled the skin to tighten the nasiolabal folds at the hairline. Would you mind asking your PS what "special tool" he... READ COMMENT