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Botox Allergy Anyone?

I had Botox 6 weeks ago, 10 units between the brow and after a week developed bad hives and rash all over my face. My face burns and is very red. I've also developed... READ MORE

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I agree, you can be allergic to anything. Doctors can try to deny it but I think they're just trying to protect their business. Agree, you can be allergic to anything. Just because something isn't common, doesn't mean it's not possible. READ COMMENT

I think you look great Belle. READ COMMENT

Thank you for sharing your photos! You look great. Your NF and cheeks look like they've retained the fat well after 3 months. These are the areas I'd like to do so I'm grateful to see real results. All the best with your surgeon visit.... READ COMMENT

Thank you for your excellent and honest update! You still look great. Would you mind sharing how your face looks when your face is positioned straight ahead or slightly down like in the pre FT photos (e.g. your photo numbers 1,2,3 and... READ COMMENT

Allergic to fillers unfortunately. Personally I wouldn't go down the fat grafting path unless I had to as it seems to be a bit hit and miss but I don't really have a choice. Thanks. READ COMMENT