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What a great post ... Thanks for sharing so thoroughly it is helpful! Those results are wonderful for such a recent surgery. The incision looks good and your nose doesn't look too swollen READ COMMENT

Thank you for sharing, it looks much better, glad it worked for you! I want to do this as well for my hereditary dark circles and hollow-look, but I've read so many horror stories about fillers in this area. I'm an injection virgin.... READ COMMENT

Thank you for sharing! I've used careprost before a few years back. Definitely will reorder since this is not permanent. Can you tell me what brush you purchased? I bought the one they sell at ADC but it did sem wasteful for the lashes. READ COMMENT

Hi, thank you for sharing your experience. How was the healing process? Did your hairline grow through and below the incision? Do you have any photos to share? Thank you! READ COMMENT

Hi "five" thank you for sharing! Looks good from the pics. Its been almost a year can you update us on your post op recovery and how your scar and head are doing? Is it still numb? Did you see hair growth through and below the scar? TIA READ COMMENT