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Under theses circumstances, I should steer clear of future botox treatments. I wish you a speedy recovery. READ COMMENT

I'm sorry to hear you wouldn't get botox again. Incidentally it doesn't weaken your muscles it just shrinks away the message sender to your muscles. I'm afraid your comments are unfounded and think as you initially did have botox you... READ COMMENT

I'm so sorry to hear of your plight. Hopefully it will resolve very quickly. I don't put Botox under the eyes as it's not now necessary as I use a serum that has fantastic effects with no needles or risk. It's called 'Erase' it's... READ COMMENT

Your Botox has worked pretty quickly, as it does take approximately 7- 10 days, and full effect at about 30 days after treatment. I love botox when done properly as I am sure you'll do to as well. READ COMMENT

To soften the brow colour you can always put a little mineral powder over them to diffuse the darkness making it look a little more natural. Being dark might be a consolation in the long run? As they won't fade so quickly, and last... READ COMMENT