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Reviews by Chris_T

Xeomin - a Worthwhile Option! - New Jersey

It is well known that Xeomin, Botox, and Dysport are very similar with subtle differences that can cause different people to respond slightly differently regarding the length of time required for the injection to begin working, and the duration between maintenance intervals. The number of units... READ MORE

Radiesse - Temple Area - New Jersey, NJ

I have been receiving Radiesse injections for the past seven years. I have always used the same doctor and the injection sites are always rotated. This has helped maintain an evenly corrected face. Radiesse tends to last longer for me than most people and I'm relatively certain that the... READ MORE

38, Male, Troubled Areas from Being Obese As a Child - Elmer, NJ

My childhood - picked on for being overweight. My teenage years - still the same, and early twenties - always self conscious because I had extra fat and love handles that exercise never corrected. The fears of liposuction and invasive procedures scared me - this one made a lot more sense. I am... READ MORE

Questions from Chris_T

Does Botox Offer Long Term Benefits?

Is Botox a pause button? And does it retrain muscles to the extent that I will have less visible wrinkles upon cessation of Botox cosmetic? I assume that if a muscle atrophyies... READ MORE

Tretinoin & Peeling

I am writing about Tretinoin usage. One of the side effects of using this medication is peeling of the skin. There are people who say that this is a side-effect that is caused... READ MORE

Discussions started by Chris_T

Radiesse ABOVE the lip.

Over the past number of years, I've had a variety of fillers injected - mostly Radiesse.  I realize it's not supposed to be used in the lip, however - it... READ MORE