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Does Indiba Deep Beauty Really Work?

I've been researching RF treatments for a good while and purchased a course of Indiba Deep Beauty. I've only had 2 treatments so far, but still sceptical. Is there any... READ MORE

Why Don't Dermal Fillers Last Long?

I've had both Juvederm and Boletero to treat Nasolabial lines. Juvederm lasted 5 days and Boletero about 10 days. Why would this happen and what is the solution? A Doctor I saw... READ MORE

Why Do Dermal Fillers Only Last Up to Two Weeks? (photo)

I use reputable clinics and Doctors so no issue with products. I've had Juvederm, Boletero & ZFill Repair to Nasolabial area and initial results are great. Is there a... READ MORE

Tretinoin is It Risky to Use?

I/ve been using Tretinoin for about 18 months and today I visited my Doctor's surgery. There was a Locum Doctor who looked to be in his 80's. I asked if I could have a... READ MORE

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I think traditional Tumescent Lipo just sucks out the fat and is more the procedure is quite aggressive and traumatic on the body with longer down time. Vaser I think uses Ultrasound to breakdown and liquefy the fat and a smaller... READ COMMENT

Hi, your results are very good, but I've been wondering about Vaser Hi Def, the six pack we see in your after procedure photo, is it actual muscle which has been exposed after removing fat or has the fat been sculpted to look like... READ COMMENT

Hi again Thanks for your reply. Do you mind if I ask how much you are paying and what type of Vaser are you having, I.e regular, mid def or hi def? Thanx READ COMMENT

Hi there, I'm looking forward to hearing about your upcoming procedure with Dr Bassi. I've been following Rae's journey with great interest. I'm thinking about having Vaser Hi Def next year, possibly with Dr Bassi, so I'm keen to know... READ COMMENT

Hi Sherlock, thanks for your review. I was wondering how are your results progressing, are you happy with your results so far? Also please could you give an indication of how much your procedure costs? Did you have Hi Def? READ COMMENT