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Sorry, Michael, but I don't think this is helpful to people who have been damaged. These are sold as non-invasive to get rid of broken capillaries and age spots. We all want to look are best. READ COMMENT

I had little dark flecks from my first two IPL's they came off during the first week. If they are tiny dark flecks, you are probably OK. READ COMMENT

If they are dark tiny flecks you are probably fine...give it a few more days. READ COMMENT

I saw several surgeons for free after my IPL to assess the damage, and they could all see it! If you go to someone else they may document this for you. My Primary Care Physician also saw all the damage and documented it. The consults... READ COMMENT

Thanks for taking the time to write Assik. I appreciate your post. I don't know anything about needling and if I do anything it probably will not be for a couple more years. I would consider getting my eyes done and possibly a mini... READ COMMENT