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Aww, thanks! I hope I get there soon, too. :) READ COMMENT

Amazing how much I can relate to all of these stories. I only recently put pictures on FB, and even then they had to be taken from fairly far away and carefully chosen by myself. Photos of myself in general make me cringe, and I'm also... READ COMMENT

I've come back to see your pics a number of times now. I love your new nose! Your eyes and lips look bigger and your bone structure stands out more. You look gorgeous!! :) READ COMMENT

I can totally relate to others' rude comments! Ugh!! I can't imagine saying anything like that to or about another person (well, okay, if they were truly beyond awful on the INSIDE). You're very pretty now, and I bet you'll only look... READ COMMENT

Dr. Clutter only has two visible reviews on here, and he doesn't have any pics posted online. Did he have a lot of before and after pics in his office to show you? You sound like me with all your research, so I'm guessing you had to see... READ COMMENT