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Doctor Recommendation for Revision Rhinoplasty in USA

Hi all, I am seeking an experienced revision rhinoplasty surgeon (many years of experience)that is: a) competent in revision surgery b) has produced good results with wide... READ MORE

Seeking Top Revision Rhinoplasty Surgeon in US for Ethnic Style/type Nose (But Not Ethnic)

This will be my second surgery after having had the first one well over a decade ago. I am looking for a mature (in age) surgeon that has performed thousands of revision... READ MORE

Post-op Scare - Need Advice & Opinion Please (7 Weeks Post-op)

Hello, I am very concerned about the health and healing of my nose and would appreciate expert advice please? I'm 7 weeks post-op; this was a revision with the first... READ MORE

Swelling Even After 12 Months - Is This my Final Result As It's Now Been 12 Months?

I had revision rhinoplasty in November 2012. Prior to this I had had a rhinoplasty in 1997. It's now been 12 months since my surgery and my nose still looks very big. While my... READ MORE

Is Use of Tape for Swelling Useful Even After 12 Months Post-op? Or Not?

Still have swelling in my nose and most of it in and around the tip. Is there any benefit / point / use in taping my nose after 12 months post-op. Does taping even have any... READ MORE