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Bad Premature Sun Damage/Fine Lines Under Eyes

I am 25, but have extreme sun damage from years spent unprotected in the sun. I now wear SPF 50 daily and avoid the sun like the plague,but have an inordinate amount of... READ MORE

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I'm booked with grigoryants in december and i feel like i have a similar before look as you. so excited to see your journey! he's really been putting out beautiful results on this board lately, as i'm sure you've seen. READ COMMENT

Wow, grigoryants is really hitting it out of the park lately! this is stunning! congrats, it seriously looks perfect for your face. would you mind posting a frontal before pic for comparison sake? READ COMMENT

Man, this goes down as one of the most amazing results i've seen (and i've seen a lot!). thank you so much for sharing, and so glad to see people have results that bring them joy. one more tiny request! i'd love to also see a... READ COMMENT

WOW! what a beautiful transformation. congratulations, you must be thrilled! i'd love to see the front when you're comfortable sharing! READ COMMENT

If this is a duo of surgeons in LA who perform together, i think i know who you're talking about, and i urge--no IMPLORE--you stay away from those charlatans. seriously, they are a waking nightmare. davis has a good reputation, and i've... READ COMMENT