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Questions from Musie

What is a (C7H802) in Medical Term? (photo)

I bought a 113grams medical jar Mequinol 12% online, it smell like it is perfumed and does not burn like read on comments, but can it help this skin? READ MORE

Is my Face Beyond Repair? (photo)

I have used so many cream including Monobenzone, now my face and legs are all sporty kind of freckles, how can I repair this? READ MORE

Could There Be Anything That Can Ever Be Done to Fix This?

Attached find my photos can this be repaired? Some unknown skin bleaching agents were used, including Hydroquinone as well as Monobenzone trying to make myself a white woman I... READ MORE

My Skin Disaster Bleaching Creams? (photo)

Attached please find my before and after photos: I use the following creams on different occasions: Monobenzone, Hydroquinone. READ MORE

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Yes I understand as I know how it feels to have all the world staring at you as if you're an outcast, regarding the lotions that you want to mix with some strong chemicals or bleaching agents please be careful, know the ingredients... READ COMMENT

It's so ridiculous that a medical trained doctor could choose whom they want to treat, that's discriminating, vitiligo is only an autoimmune deasess no one invites it to their bodies. I do try to cover up with trouser, long sleeves tops... READ COMMENT

Wow! What are the ingredients in your cream? Have used it before? How effective is this cream? READ COMMENT

Pretty thanks for sharing this I've already bought Diana Stalder soap it does work though as I can see some improvements on my skin, I will have to find this O'tentika fade cream I hope there are not too many fade creams under the same... READ COMMENT

Hi Misty, your review really interests me, it sounds like you're getting improvements and really fast, please keep posting as this could educate some of us, please let me hear from how to use this Liquid Nitrogen, I'm going through... READ COMMENT