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"The breasts of a 17 year-old!" I swear...that is what he said!- Iowa

I had my initial consultation with the plastic surgeon on Thursday, June 30. After years of thinking about it, I was finally ready. I was nervous that I would not have enough documentation ready for the insurance company. My problem is that I work as a nurse for my primary care provider, so a... READ MORE

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Just starting the process:

I have my initial consultation with the plastic surgeon on Thursday, June 30.  I think, after years of thinking about this, I am finally ready.  I'm a bit nervous... READ MORE

What did you tell your kids?

I'm trying to decide how to approach this subject with my kids.  I have three boys at home, ages 16, 14, and 10.  Pretty sure they don't want to discuss my... READ MORE

What should I be doing and supplying myself with before surgery?

Two months ago I was searching so many sites looking for information about breast reduction.  I have read so much information that I can't remember what I found on... READ MORE

Any August Breast Reductions?

I'm scheduled for August 17...less than 2 weeks now. I've been waiting for the nerves and panic to set in that so many people talk about, but so far I'm doing... READ MORE

Post Surgical Bra

Before my surgery I was unsure of what size or type of sports or surgical bra to buy.  My intention was to just buy an extra one from the hospital and it would be all... READ MORE


Friday was Parents' Night at our high school football game.  My husband and I escorted our son onto the field and had our picture taken.  I was just looking... READ MORE

HELP! I need your opinion!

I am 3 1/2 weeks post op.  Everything has gone great.  Yesterday however I started noticing kind of a discoloration below my nipples on both of my breasts, though... READ MORE