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Not for me

I had radiesse in folds near nose and at tops of cheeks to fill out hollow eyes-maybe allergic but had HUGE selling requiring temp steroids and antibiotics and then one side came up again 3 weeks later-had to do it all over BUT THE WORST is that I developed a semi-circle of raised red lines... READ MORE

Awesome - Chicago, IL

This is my third time-go every 6 months now although it is still there-lasted a good year the first time..I use it for cheeks, under eye trough and folds at side of mouth-my doc is a genious-doesn't use very much and discounts price but knows just where to place. This time I bruised... READ MORE

Questions from marijowin

Can This Discoloration Be Repaired? (photo)

4 yrs ago I had a face lift -looked great, then I noticed a bump on each outer cheekbone (still there) and there was pain near borth ears if I pulled-Dr told me he 'added'... READ MORE

Who Are the Best Doctors for Fillers in Chicago? (Most Experience, Recognition Training, Etc?

I know that technique is very important with fillers, especially around the eyes. I can't seem to find any lists of best trained, most experienced doctors in facial fillers or... READ MORE

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I had restylane and juvederm under my eyes injected once a year for 3 years I think and had the coffee stains just as has been described here and a touch of swelling for 2.5 years. I went to 3 other docs- no one knew what it was. For... READ COMMENT

You described exactly what I had-exact location and just like pics I've seen of filler problems. Fat is your own so there is no bad reaction but it is more involved procedure. My advice: see the best pl surgeon around. You can call the... READ COMMENT

If u look through his website, it is really amazing to see his accomplishments, diplomas, etc. Let me know how it goes! I know you will like him. Happy holidays! READ COMMENT

He is pricey. Charged $180 to remove the filler around eyes. To me, a HUGE bargain. Then filler in cheeks and a bit around eyes was $1600-high, but since I trust him completely and know how good he is, it was worth the extra money- I... READ COMMENT

Well, when he removed the old stuff the first time, it all went away-NO lines, puffiness. But of course my eye hollows came back. He wanted to wait at least a week, then went back for more filer in cheeks (have no problem there) and... READ COMMENT