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Questions from Dreemer

What's the Take On: ON-Q® PainBuster® Post-Op Pain Relief System

Seems to me like its a no brainer...to have this? down side? READ MORE

Pain Pump Fee After Tummy Tuck

Hi, Is there an additional fee if a pain pump is inserted after a tummy tuck. If so, appx. how much. Thanks!! READ MORE

Is Massage After Tummy Tuck Okay?

Is it possible to massage the tummy after surgery? By a professional? aka my daughter..hehehe. READ MORE

Really, What is Ideal?

Hi there, I am 54 years old. I am 5ft 8.5 inches. I weigh 172 lbs. Should I lose weight before a TT? thanks! READ MORE

Is it Safe to Have HCG in my Body Prior to Tummy Tuck Surgery?

I want to drop weight before my surgery. I am planning on the HCG diet with phentermine. My surgery is 9/14. Is it dangerous to have this in my body. How long will it take to... READ MORE


How long does phentermine stay in the body. I am planning to stop taking it 4 weeks before my surgery. Is that good? READ MORE

Just Wondering......

Do you have to wear a compression garment if you have a TT without lipo? Thanks! READ MORE

Is 8 Days Enough For Assisted Post-Op Care?

Hello :) I am scheduled to have a full TT on 9/13/11. I will only have help for 8 days, and then after that i am on my own. In your opinion, is that an issue?... READ MORE

BBL, TT & BA In One Surgery- Too Much?

Hi, What is your opinion on getting a brazilian butt lift, a full tummy tuck and breast aug at the same time. My doctor says it will be done outpatient? i thought that to be a... READ MORE

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ON-Q® PainBuster® Post-Op Pain Relief System

Any one use this? Seems like a dream come true....downside?? READ MORE

CareCredit.....Anyone using it? No interest for 24 months..

This is a CC used only for medical, dental, and vets..LOL. Seems like a great deal...IF you pay in full. If not, boy are you screwed...hahahaha. READ MORE

September Tummy Tuckers - check in here

After six months of changing my mind 200 times, i've finally stayed with the decision to go for it! 9/14. Im glad I took that long...cause i really sought all my answers... READ MORE

Cool recliner idea!

I bought a used one on craiglist for $90.!   The rentals in my area were 100.00 per week.  When I am done, i will put it back on Craigslist and sell it.  So... READ MORE

Any Grandma makeovers out there....not a Mommy Makeover...

Hi, I am looking for anyone over 50, scheduled for a TT.  Are you there? READ MORE


Here I go. I am nervous, excited, scared......it is surreal that the day is finally here.   Love Sue xo READ MORE