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Questions from Cayman

How Can I Smooth out my Visible Fat Grafting on my Nasal Folds

I had fat transfer to nasal folds six years ago. The right side turned out to be amazing. The left side is horrible. My face looks lopsided. You can see the fat all the way... READ MORE

How do I correct collagen (atrophy) loss from steroid injected into lips to correct artecol?

My upper lip has caved in severely and has created horizontal upper lip lines that where not there before. The surgeon who performed this procedure has tried to correct the... READ MORE

Upper lip lift - how long do I need to wait to have a corner lift?

I had a upper lip lift 3 months ago. My upper lip is pulled up and the sides and corners are turned down. Looks very odd. How long do I need to wait to have a corner lift and... READ MORE

Is it possible to have a lateral sweep from a deeplane facelift?

If so why would this Happen? I have hollowing under my eyes and indentations in my malar cheek area that was not there before my deep plane facelift. My nasal folds are still... READ MORE

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I would like more info on you corner lip lift if you don't mind. Your lips look amazing. I need to do the corner lip lift and would like to know if there is another procedure with no scar. READ COMMENT

I was wondering the same thing. I would really like to know if there is another procedure for corner lip lift with no scar. I need too do corner lip lift because my upper lip lift is looking pulled up and sides, corner pulled down. READ COMMENT

Thank you, the botox did not make a difference for me. I have to say that my scars are very good you can hardly see them. Thank God. I healed very well. I will keep you posted. READ COMMENT

Thank you so much Anon for taking the time to help me feel better about my procedure. I really appreciate your time and info. Your very sweet. I hope my lips will turn out as beautiful as yours down the road. You have been very helpful.... READ COMMENT

Hi Loly, yes I did. Did not make a difference. I had to pressure my surgeon to do this for me. Made no difference at all. My surgeon said that my top lip would feel weird when I pursed my lips. Not the case. I felt nothing. Could he... READ COMMENT