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No worries--the female ego has her games, too! Will look forward to learning about your experiences! READ COMMENT

Let us know about your progress. Thanks for posting, and good luck! READ COMMENT

I had it done in the late 60's-- the surgeons were using grosser tools then, and have refined techniques now. I'm guessing some of the factors in the nose that affect smell were bludgeoned--there is a lot of scar tissue in there. The... READ COMMENT

I'm beginning to think that no matter what pictures you show the surgeons, or how you explain you would like it to be--they are limited in what they can actually do. Nose tips and nostrils seem to be a challenge that, perhaps,... READ COMMENT

You're welcome. Sorry, can't satisfy your curiosity- too time consuming for me to find and post photos now. Yes, I think that desire is human nature--A lot of that falls by the wayside as we age--but here's the paradox--I'm still not... READ COMMENT