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This review doesn't seem fake at all! Totally genuine and authentic! Not advertising or anything! Actually you know what? Why don't we all start botox at age 20! READ COMMENT

In my opinion having botox injected incorrectly resulting in weeks of deformity is a very valid reason for a refund at the very least, and if they won't give you one, you should shame them into giving you one. If this was any other... READ COMMENT

It looks great! Just what I want to have done. Would like to know the name of the doctor and where she practices... READ COMMENT

It sounds almost like when you go the dentist, and they 'stumble' upon wisdom teeth that have never given you any problems and suddenly you need a very expensive extraction in the very near future. Or when you go to a mechanic for a... READ COMMENT

I'd just like to say, I've read many "bad" reviews of botox on this site, and I notice a lot of you complain about asymmetry. I think you are all perfectionists, honestly. The things you think are 'bad results' really aren't that bad. I... READ COMMENT