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Brazilian Buttlift for Sagging Only?

Hi, I keep looking at Brazilian buttlift photos, while considering it for my long looking butt:( However, all of the pictures I see, the women look like male football players... READ MORE

Vaginal Rejuvenation for Non-Mother?

Will vaginoplasty or laser vaginal rejuvenation restore a vagina to "just after your first time having sex" conditions? How long will the results last? I am 27 and haver been... READ MORE

How Long Do the Results of Vaginal Rejuvenation Last?

I am considering vaginal rejuvenation to tighten my vagina to be the same as it was when I first started having sex. It was tight for the forst 2 years after having sex and now... READ MORE

Arm Lipo Caused Ripples?

Hi, I had arm lipo 6 months ago and one arm is fatter than the other, as well as....... when I flex my arm, lots of little dips and ripples show :( Is there any massages or... READ MORE

Want A Brazilian Butt Lift W/ Fat Transfer- Will Second Time Lipo in Tummy Cause Ripples?

I had lipo of my stomach 5 years ago. The doctor did a great job, but did not get my sides. I would like to go back and have my stomach and sides done, then proceed to the... READ MORE

How Much Fat is Needed for a Brazilian Buttlift?

I AM 5'7 AND 140. I def am a good 15 pounds over an ideal body type, but is that enough to have a successfull BB-lift? I do not want a Brazilian BUttlift for a larger rear... READ MORE

Any Safe Temporary Fillers for the Butt?

Okay, so I am unhappy with not the size of my rear end, but with the saggy/long appearance. I have a little fat on my sides which i could u se for a brazilian, but I am... READ MORE

Butt Ideal for Brazilian Butt Lift or Just Waist Contouring?

I am wanting to improve the sagging or "long" appearance at the bottom of my buttocks. I do not want a larger butt. I am going for a Victorias Secret model direction,... READ MORE

CO2, Fraxel or Thermage for Eye Area?

There are so many laser scams and false promises going on out there! I am 28, have great skin, I am just now experiencing droppiness and loose skin around the eyes m ixed with... READ MORE

Total FX Most Extreme Laser Option for Crowsfeet?

Hi, I am contemplating getting TotalFX to treat drooping eyelids and crows feet. I have called a few places and have gotten 8 quotes in the Los Angeles area, ranging from 750... READ MORE

Deep FX or Fraxel Repair for Eye Area?

I want to the most extreme laser for the crows feet and eyelid area, I have had Deep FX and Fraxel Reapir suggested to me for making collagen and tightening wrinkles/sagging in... READ MORE

How Close to the Upper/Lower Eyelid Can Total FX Laser Get? (photo)

I just had Total FX done 3 days ago on my eye area only. I notice the doctor did not get my lower eyelids, which was discussed as my main concern for fixing. I asked my doctor... READ MORE

Best Laser for Treating Broken Capalaries and Veins on Face?

I have broken redish (very small) capalaries or veins around my cheeks and nostrils. What is the best laser for treating this? READ MORE

More Wrinkles/lines After Deep FX?

I had Deep FX laser around the eye area 4 weeks ago. I see improvement in the sinking area of the tear trough, however the skin looks dry and full of added lined and pulled... READ MORE

More Wrinkles Around the Eyes After Total FX?

I had Deep FX laser around the eye area 4 weeks ago. I see improvement in the sinking area of the tear trough, however the skin looks dry and full of added lined and pulled... READ MORE

Does Deep FX or Total FX Destroy Collagen?

I am 6 weeks post a Total FX treatment around the eye area. The area still is slightly red and the creases and wrinkles have doubled! I'm very concerned! I am not sure if this... READ MORE