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Honestly, I'm glad I saw your post. I had my MM Dec 8th. Full TT and implant exchange, with lipo to under the chin & upper eyes done. I am extremely active, trainer 3X week & 6-7 hours of cardio. The fatigue & exhaustion ( just going to... READ COMMENT

Hi Ali, I'm 9 days PO. Still using my recliner ( using a long body pillow ) for my back as I'm a side sleeper. Although I'm going to try my bed soon. READ COMMENT

I'm 9 days PO TT. I have had the urge to cough occasionally & stopped myself. Very painful, do what you need to, you definitely don't want to be coughing. Good luck READ COMMENT

Well I have to thank you for all your posts. I'm 5'6 & 130 lbs, & very fit and active. I go in dec 8th for my long over due MM. Seeing your results has made me very optimistic & excited! Your posts also guided me to my needed supplies.... READ COMMENT

I had it done on may 11, so a little over 3 weeks ago. Only had the lower abd done. No real pain, just numbness (mild now) and I was extremely bloated for a week. The thing is I am extremely tired lately. I get 8-9 hrs of sleep a... READ COMMENT