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Should I Cut Back on Cosmetic Treatments Due to Economy?

I've been getting Botox and Restylane from my doctor (about every 4 months); plus, I had a chemical peel about 2-3 years ago. I liked the results of the peel and am... READ MORE

Breast Implants Safe with History of Breast Cancer?

My sister had breast cancer a number of years ago. She's thankfully clear now, but needless to say there is a history of breast cancer in my family. I've been thinking about... READ MORE

Confused About Microdermabrasion

I'm really confused about all the information I've seen on microdermabrasion. I've tried some do it yourself products (like Olay's)--and they help a little at first, but I... READ MORE

Revisional Surgery for Brow Lift and Eyelids Worth It?

I'd like to see pictures of "good" revisional--or corrective--surgery for a botched eyelid surgery and brow lift. It's only been about a year since I had my... READ MORE

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Thanks Cara, I agree on the adjustable straps; I'm not huge, but at 36D I needed to run after one of my sons and it was not comfortable. For back bulge--especially while wearing a T-shirt, Bra-llelujah was great; it is not a support... READ COMMENT

Hi Lizzy Ann, I think the appeal of Bra-llelujah is in its styling. The Bra-llelujah resembles a "classic" bra in shape and form, whereas the Sassybax alternatives--while I'm sure they address back bulge--are more reminscent of either... READ COMMENT

Hi Mark, I would first and foremost suggest that you speak about this with your ophthalmologist and/or optometrist. Having said that, one of the differences I found on the manufacturer sites' is that the B&L lenses can apparently be... READ COMMENT

I don't usually go bare. I wear longer skirts, tights, or pants. If I do go bare, it's when I don't care how I will look, so I do nothing to my legs. It's a lot easier to wear pants or a below the calf skirt. Now a good pedicure --... READ COMMENT