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Aquamid Removal from Cheeks

I Had Too Much Aquamid Injected in my Cheeks.Can You Please Tell Me How to Remove Some.I Cannot Find Any Answers on the Internet READ MORE

Can Vaser Liposuction Help Remove Aquamid in the Cheeks?

Im from Australia and and have too much aquamid injected in my cheeks.Now im living in Thailand and have found a Dr who can remove some aquamid using vaser lipo.Is this possible? READ MORE

Will a 3rd Lipo Be Ok?

I Used Vaser Lipo Twice to Remove Aquamid on my Cheeks. Still Not Happy. Needs More Out. pl Help. READ MORE

I had 2much aquamid put into my cheeks 3 years ago.I had vaser lipo to remove it 3 times.

I feel not enough was removed.Would a 4th vaser help? The other 3 vasers reduced it to about half.Please help READ MORE

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I googled nicholas Zerbinati and nothing came up.Do you have his website? sorry to ask READ COMMENT

Thanks alot Glogglo.I will investigate thanks to you READ COMMENT

Whats the doctors name in milan? READ COMMENT

Hi Joanna.Whe you say yo had aquamid removed how was it done? Was it a cut and then aquamid came out? Im confused because no doctor seems to know how to remove some on one of my cheeks.I really hope you answer me on this one because... READ COMMENT

I had aquamid injected in my cheeks a two years ago.It was injected from the inside of my cheeks.Problem is one cheek is larger than the other.Does anybody know how to remove some of the aquamid? some say it has to be sweezed out or... READ COMMENT