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Worried About Negative Reviews of Fraxel

I am shocked of so many negative review on Fraxel, Pixel, Active FX and others...Is co2 the only real deal? I dont want to look like a lizard or worse from fraxel and as for... READ MORE

V Beam Vs IPL

Is the IPL out of style now? READ MORE

Does Fraxel Work or do Long-Term Damage?

Does fraxel really work or does it do long term damage. I know Co2 works. Someone also said the Mixo is the only one that has the hottest laser for collegen repair. READ MORE

Is the Mixto Laser or Active Fx Better for Long Term Results?

Is the active fx better than the misto? Mixo has a higher heat index but I hear active fx does not get you puff? READ MORE

My Hair Has Been Pulled out from Wearing a Ponytail All the Time. Will It Grow Back

I stopped wearing ponytails and bought womans rogain..Will the pulled hair ever grow back? READ MORE

What is the Difference of Total Fx-deep O Active?

My goal is to get back my radiant youthful look. I also want long term results. Can I get a second laser if I feel like it needs more improvement. I also want to know if the... READ MORE

Will IPL Break Down Fillers? Juvederm & Sculptra? Does Juvederm Work For Cellulite?

Will IPL break down juvederm and can I fill juvederm on my cellulite areas? READ MORE

Butt Implants Look Like Shelves?

My friend was in a strip club in Vegas. She said some of the gals had butt implants and the looked like shelves. is this still true? This was 4 years ago. READ MORE

Looking for a Real Laser Cure for Mild Lose Skin?

Hello, I have a small issue. My weight has yo yo between 20lbs in my life. I am 40 now and I look decent the problem is a see tinny folds of lose skin on my tummy and upper hip... READ MORE

Hair Got Pulled out. Will it Grow Back?

Hi I have naturally very thick hair..I got depressed and it knoted up and I lost a lot of hair from my bun. Now I am on meds a nd I went and bought rogain. Will it grow back... READ MORE