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Reviews by Gems

Matrix RF - San Diego County, CA

Why I did it: I have great skin and inorder to keep looking young, I decided that I needed to begin a maintainence program now before the wrinkles started. Peels where not an available option at the time, as I am still nursing my child. I was told by my Aesthetician that Matrix RF would be great... READ MORE

Awesome Sculptra and Belatero - San Diego, CA

Amazing! Over a period of about 2-3 months, I had 1.5 vials of Sculptra and about 3 vials of Belotero. Sculptra is about $950 per vial and Belotero is about $650 per vial. I will go back for a touch up in 6 months (of only one of each) to maintain the benefits of what I have going now. I ... READ MORE

Questions from Gems

Can Botox Be Safely/Successfully Used to Decrease Muscle Mass in the Deltoid Muscles?

Want to reduce muscle mass in deltoids. Can BOTOX be used for this and/or has anyone ever used botox for muscle reduction? My body is "proportionately challenged." My... READ MORE

With the Palomar StarLux 1540, What Level Should Be Used for the Best Results? (photo)

I am thinking of investing in the purchase of a package of the 1540 laser treatments, but weary of how many treatments I'll need to get the most for my money. and I am curious... READ MORE

Smile Lines I Want to Get Rid Of? (photo)

I have sharp almost razor blade type smile lines starting. Want to get rid of them w/out changing the shape of my face w/ a filler. Even my aesthetician warned that radiasse... READ MORE

Anything on the market to help tighten slight belly sagging or tummy skin sagging? (Photo)

I have had 2 children, I have no stretch marks, I am very thin, fit and have a pretty flat tummy, yet do have very little sagging skin at the belly button area and a slightly... READ MORE

What are some realistic alternatives for tummy tucks? (photo)

After research and one friend getting a tummy tuck (way over the top for my needs), I realize it is an option that would be considered "going into surgery, when one only needs... READ MORE

Can an umbilical hernia be remedied without a scar & big price tag? (Photo)

From posting this photo and asking about a tummy tuck alternative, I discovered my real problem is not skin sag, but rather an umbilical hernia. BTW, Thanks to all the Doctors... READ MORE

Does Nerium work?

Does anyone have experience with the product Nerium? I'd like to know if it's just another snake oil product. READ MORE

Can Ultherapy be used successfully on the abdomen/stomach? (photos)

I am skinny/fit with slight loose skin (when I bend) from birthing 2 babies. It is simply not enough damage to undergo the knife. Can Ultherapy treatments offer the skin... READ MORE

Discussions started by Gems

A white (gray) hair that starts white , but then becomes Dark brown???? Am I getting younger???

Getting a gray hair that started white and then became a normal dark color. Since this first time, I've discovered another 2 years later. How does a hair start WHITE and then... READ MORE