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Blepharoplasty - Sugar Land, TX

It's the day after and I feel great! I am 54 years old and my eyelids were so heavy they just sat on my eyelashes! I gave up trying to wear mascara altogether. The only pain I experienced was a couple hours after the surgery, and I believe it's only because the local anesthesia... READ MORE

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Wow, what a difference, you look great! Don't be too hard on yourself, you know the saying "we are our own worst critics". Since having my eyelid surgery, there are several other things I'd like to have done, but it's costly and... READ COMMENT

Like the other posters said, it will lighten with time until you can't notice it at all. I used Dermablend on my red lids and scars for the first year. I'm a couple years post op now and don't need to use it anymore. Wishing you the... READ COMMENT

Yay you! You look great! I had this done too and documented my journey on here. Our lids look very similar in the before photo's. My lids were sitting on my eyelashes and no eye cream on the planet was going to shrink it! So glad I... READ COMMENT

Yes, only an upper Bleph. I should have probably done lowers and an eyebrow lift but just didn't want to go overboard or, have that look of surprise from an overdone eyebrow lift. I wanted to look as natural as possible. We've all... READ COMMENT

Absolutely, do your research or get a recommendation. I also had a breast reduction about 20 years ago. Thing is, I did my research for a couple years before I had it done and kept coming back to a specific plastic surgeon so I chose... READ COMMENT