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Thank you Madison5269. Btw... When did you start using merdera on your scar? I going to get some too. :) READ COMMENT

18 days PO. My tummy doesn't hurt or itchy that much anymore, but it is stll looks bigger than before i had my full tummy tuck and muscle repair. I tried to put on my Jean today and couldn't even pull it up :( i have to stop... READ COMMENT

Too weeks after my PO, and now my belly button start to feel really tight and I can't walk straight up anymore. I have to walk like the way I did after few days after the tt. Did that happen to anyone? I'm scared, but can't get in... READ COMMENT

9 days after PO and I want to take a shower so badly, i was just wondering how long do I have to way after the tubes come out to take a shower? My dr. Said I need to wait at least two days. How about anyone else? READ COMMENT

7days after my tt. My back pain is much worse than my tummy pain. I been sleeping on my lazy chair for the fast 7 days. Can someone let me know if I can lie flat down on my bed since I'm alway afraid if I do that the stitches might... READ COMMENT