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Good Starter Procedure - Long Beach, California

This is a three step procedure beginning with a solution called Levelan which is applied and stays on the skin for two hours. The next step is intense pulse light (IPL), which acts to stimulate collagen. The final step is to lay under a blue light for seventeen minutes. This phase can be a bit... READ MORE

No Improvement, and I Had Vertigo. Someone Should Check This Out - Brea, CA

I've done Accent and Exilis, they are so similar in their delivery that there is no way I would know the difference other than the name on the machine. Accent will firm the skin a little (on the body)...temporarily, maybe for three months. Exilis, I did not notice any improvement. I had 4... READ MORE

It's Working! - Long Beach, CA

I have had the DPL device for about 2 months, and incredibly only took it out of the box 2 weeks ago! I think I was intimidated by the instructions to put it together. It was very easy, by the way. It is tedious to sit with your face in this thing for 17 minutes, but after doing it about five... READ MORE

Questions from kathi5981

Can Exilis Cause Severe Dizziness?

I have had several Exilis treatment on my neck and lower face/jaw area. I have also been having some serious dizziness, which I correlated to seasonal allergies, which is not... READ MORE

Would Like to Know if Erbium Yag Laser Resurfacing Can Result in Loss of Facial Volume?

I have been recommended a series, six weeks apart, as I am in my sixties. A friend of mine had a single, very effective laser treatment, and although she is wrinkle free, she... READ MORE

Treatment for Lip Wrinkles?

I read a description of a treatment for lip wrinkles that sounded like it would be very effective, and I had not heard of it before. Dr. Aaron Stone posted that he used a... READ MORE

Can Permanent Existing Crowns Be Matched?

I have had crowns on my two front teeth since I was quite young. They have been redone several times over the years. I had several adjacent teeth bonded, as I was having gum... READ MORE

Erbium or CO2, Fraxel or Ablative?

I am sixty, fair, and my skin is not too bad. All of the above have been recommended, all for different reasons. I know I do not want white, waxy looking skin as many of my... READ MORE

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Thermage vs Ultherapy

I am trying to educate myself on the two procedures, Thermage and Ultherapy. I found the many physician comments to be very informative, however, since the comments are not... READ MORE

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I am considering this surgery in southern California. Certainly no one who is not board certified, and definitely someone who does this surgery routinely, has before and after photo's of his own work, and testimonials from patients. ... READ COMMENT

I just wanted to follow up on my last post. I subsequently broke the crown right down the middle! I bit into a piece of toast and the tooth shattered. My dentist said he couldn't imagine how it happened and even when he detected the... READ COMMENT

I want to agree with the Feb. 4 comment about Vela. The suction, and the tip that is used, can create scarring if you don't have someone doing it that has done it literally hundreds of times. The quality of your skin, your age, are... READ COMMENT

I think they can be purchased only by licensed practitioners. There is a version on Amazon, or you can Google "dermapen", and buy one made in China for about $150. Dermarolling is the older and more widely known tool. They also can... READ COMMENT

I purchased a dermal roller for the body from my dermatologists office. It is in the shape of a "mouse", and has three rollers on it. It is very easy to maneuver, and the needles are very short, probably .25mm. I have already seen... READ COMMENT