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Post-Surgery Remarks - Perth, Australia

I have been thinking about Rhinoplasty ever since I was a teenager (for about ten years). My nose isn't terribly ugly, but it has a hump and I feel it is too big for my facial features and makes me feel unfeminine. I can now afford to go ahead with the proceedure. But I'm... READ MORE

Didn't Work for Me , Tried Many Things - Perth, Australia

I attended an IPL clinic 5 times. I have idiopathic hirsutism (genetic, I don't have any PCOS or hormonal disorders) where my hair follicles are extremely sensitive to testosterone. I was recommended by my endocrinologist to try IPL. I found IPL pretty disapointing, because it... READ MORE

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How do other people react?

I have been wanting to get a rhinoplasty for years. I am now 28 and can finally afford to do so. I have a large nose with a dorsal hump and long nostrils. Its not terrible, but... READ MORE