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One Eye Barely Changed After Blepharoplasty

I had Blepharoplasty done 5 weeks ago, and I immediately noticed post-surgery that the incisions were not the same. However, I didn't worry. Now, one eye looks wonderful and... READ MORE

Restylane Under Eyes: 3 Month Post Injections Sudden Onset Swelling and Burning Pain?

After initial bruising was happy with result for about 7 wks. Then this recurrent swelling began and lasts 3-4 days. Can be both eyes or just one. Appearance awful. Reading... READ MORE

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Totally agree. Don't see improvement and if she is seeing something I'm happy for her but it's not enough for my money. This procedure is a joke and I think they get employees to come on these sites and rave about it to try to pay off... READ COMMENT

Wow, Dilee. Wish I knew about this before I wasted so much money on ulthera. I found one person in my area but it must be very new because he's the only one doing it. That makes me nervous. I like to come in after the doctor has... READ COMMENT

Wow, that sounds like a dream procedure. Wish I heard of it before I dropped the money on Ultherapy, the biggest joke out there. Precision TX, I'll have to search for it in my area. Is it new? READ COMMENT

Agree, this is the biggest rip off out there. The only woman who seem happy are the ones enjoying a week or two of swelling. In a couple of months the realize, it's a rip off. Many of us are trying to get word out. Doctors trying to... READ COMMENT

I see not change. I too had the procedure and saw little to no change. Even if some people want to see change, shouldn't it be for obvious for the money spent. Would you ever do this again for so little? I wouldn't. READ COMMENT