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Juvederm Tear Trough -New York, NY

I have dine restylane under my eyes for years. not a problem, ever! the last time my dr. , a ny dermatologist decided to inject me with juvederm in the tear through. she wasn't going to say it was juvederm and i adked why not resylane? she said it would be better for the tear through. results a... READ MORE

Questions from angelxoxoxo

Seeking Doctor Who Treats Hemosiderin Stains in NYC

I have a hard time finding a dr. who treats hemosidern stains (I have hemosiderin stains under my eyes, near the cheekbone from nose surgery) with a q switched laser. Any... READ MORE

Does Lytera Work on Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation?

I have some pih under my eyes from injections. my dr. recommended lytera. does it work? and how does it compare to hydroquinone 4%? READ MORE

10 Days After Hyaluronidase, Still Discolored? (photo)

I had hyaluronidase because of tyndall effect. my skin is not back to normal yet. i didn't have any obvious bruising after the hyaluronidase injection, but my undereye area is... READ MORE

2 1/2 weeks post hyaluronidase: tyndal, hyperpigmentation or bruising? (photo)

Hi had a bad juvederm job (this time my usual dermathologist injected me with juvederm instead of restylane). had three rounds of hyaluronidase spaced a month and then 2 weeks... READ MORE

Tyndal after juvederm injected won't go away after hyaluronidase treatments? (photo)

I had always used restylane with no problems, but last time the dr injected me w. juvederm, major tyndall and uneveness . after the first hyaluronidase injection, the lumps... READ MORE

Discoloration after juvederm and the hyaluronidase?

I always got restylane but my dr injected juvederm 3months ago. i had tyndall and uneveness. 4 rounds of hyaluronidase (the last was 1 Mo ago) later the discoloration remains:... READ MORE

Any surgeons who deal with permanent filler removal or bioplastique removal? (photo)

I had bioplastique injected on my cheeks (the cheeks looked good), bjt when i smile, my face becomes idistorted because i think they put it in the groove between the cheekbone... READ MORE

Does it make sense that the round puffy smile would be caused by filler on the masseter when my face at rest is thin? (photo)

My injector put filler all over my face because i was complaining of having a skinny face. i lost the groove, which i liked between mandible and cheek and worse of all, when i... READ MORE

Seeking experienced NYC doctor who is very skilled in restylane injections under the eye?

Did restylane under eyes for yrs (never a problem). 1st problem may: bc my usual dr was on vacation i used belotero who left me with bags. a dr fixed it with hyalouronidase. 2... READ MORE

Hardening and lump after hematoma evacuation on cheeks following a facelift. Will this go away?

2 1/2 weeks post op. i developed hematoma day after a facelift. blood was drained for ten days (it was serum mixed with blood at the end). my face would appear thinner after... READ MORE

fat grafting or filler after permanent filler removal? (Photo)

Had permanent filler removal a mo. ago with facelift (my skin was very tight bc my ps said it would be loose after removal). i developed hematoma on both sides. it was drained... READ MORE

Help finding a dr who is experienced with hyaluronidase and tear through restylane injections in NYC?

Ever since i left san Diego i am having a hard time finding a dr who does restylane well under the eyes (i did it for years). one did juvederm and it was too thick, it lumped... READ MORE

Dimpling and lumpiness after deep plane face lift with filler removal (Photo)

5 weeks post op. deep plane facelift 5 weeks ago. i have dimpling when i smile (internal scarring from hematomas i developed on both side of cheeks). i am more lumpy on one... READ MORE

6 weeks post facelift and filler removal. should I have lumps after hematoma evacuation? (Photo)

Had a deep plane face lift after removing permanent filler. developed hematoma on both sides. drained x 10 days. face looked nice after draining. a week later i developed scar... READ MORE

Deep scar tissue after facelift and consequent hematoma. What are my options?

6 wks post op. had a deep plane facelifet. developed hematoma symmetrically on both sides day after. Drained nearly every day. now i am left with two thick bands of sar tissue... READ MORE

What settings for ultrasound on the face for facelift hematoma scarring?

I went to three specific places one used three mhz, one 1.2 another 0.6. i don't know what is right. my hematoma was drained the day of facelift (6 wks ago) for almost 15 days.... READ MORE

Hematoma and scarring at the site of drained hematoma. it seems as it is liquifing in some areas?

After facelift i developed hematoma on both sides. it was milked every day for a couple of weeks. then i developed scar tissues. ibegan conservative steroid injection... READ MORE

Hematoma after facelift causing massive scar inside both cheeks: How long until I can have internal scar revision? (Photo)

Seven weeks postop. i can see the results already of the facelift which was part of filler removal. i developed hematoma and then a thick band of scar tissue which makes me... READ MORE

Tyndal effect can appear brownish on skin already lighly discolored: Dr refuses to give me hyaluronidase

Have had dardk circles all my life. reddish brwn,restylane works. used hyaluronidase 2 times because dr used juvederm oncer (tyndall). took me five rounds to get it out. my... READ MORE

Internal scar after hematoma on both sides: Will scar revision help get my face shape back?

I had a face lift and removed some filler. developed hematoma on both sides. afterward i developed to thick band of scar tissues where the hematoma was. makes my cheeks look... READ MORE

How to treat and find the cause of lumps and bumps left after facelift?

2 months post op. i had hematoma. it was drained. left scar tissue which i am treating w kenalog, warm compresses, massage, ultrasound. When i smile, my cheeks look like two... READ MORE

Can you have a facelift without internal sutures?

I thought i was feeling the internal sutures near my mouth (before forming scarring from a hematoma i saw the corners being pinched and i couldnt.camt smile like i did. dr said... READ MORE

how long should I wait before having a Facial or lightly Ablative Laser after my facelift?

2.5 months postop. my skin was dry after the facelift. can i have a facial with a few extractions? my skin was super dry now it is starting to break out (i gave a tendency).... READ MORE

Can I have surgery to release skin adhesion to underlying structure of the face after facelift? (Photo)

2 .5 months post op. have internal scars (hematoma on my cheeks which was milked 14 times).now i have hard and soft lumps . the skin on my whole cheek area seems to be stuck to... READ MORE

Can you recommend a good teartrough injector in NYC?

I had bad experience this and last year with injectors in this area (did it for 8 years no problem), last year my usual detmatologist injected juvederm which resulted in major... READ MORE

What ultrasound treatment options can I use for facelift scar tissue treatment?

After dveloping hematoma fm facelift i developed scar tissue on my cheeks. i am doung kenalog massage and ultrasound. my therapist said she uses 3 mhz at low setting. now i saw... READ MORE

Any expert injectors to fill up gaunt face/irregularities after facelift to remove permanent filler in NYC?

It has been three mos since a facelift to remove permanent filler (I m young and my skin too tight for a facelift but it was the only way). filler was removed, but I had... READ MORE

Lumpiness after facelift to remove permanent filler. Can I camouflage with hyaluronic acid or fat?

I had a deep plane facelift w.filler removal 3 mos ago ( i am young but it was the only way to remove it). hematoma left me with lumps and internal scar tissue visible... READ MORE

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Did u find a good one? i am still on a quest... READ COMMENT

How unlucky you had to develpoan infection. it is like develpoing a hematoma. it will definitely slow down healing and you may develop some scar tissue. so dont freak out when your face begins to feel hard. i freaked out bc i didnt know... READ COMMENT

Hi Carol, i am glad that you came to accept the results. i just wanted to have a little permanent filler removed from my cheeks because it didn't make me look like myself. my dr convinced me to have a facelift bc he said my skin would... READ COMMENT

My dr drained mine for over ten days (had it on both cheeks). now scar tissue has replaced the hematomas and my face looks kinda asymmetrical and dimply when i smile. will this ever go away? i am getting cortisone injections and... READ COMMENT

I will never have facial surgery again... recovery takes forever and there are things such as lumps that come out of nowhere that apparently are the norm not the exception. i am looking forward to looking like an alien for the next... READ COMMENT