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Would do a fat transfer instead

Had 3 syringes and the nurse made sure it was painless with topical cream and locals. I was told the bruising would be nothing and that most people go back to work the same day. That wasn't true for me, I had huge bruises from her "massaging" (extreme force caused the trauma) the... READ MORE

Loved the Results - Virginia Beach, VA

Did not feel a thing, woke up there was some bruising but not more than I expected. Excellent treatment from the doctor and his staff. I had this combined with a lower eye lid surgery so the entire cost was around 5k and well worth it! If you decide to do a procedure it's worth it to combine... READ MORE

Fantastic Results - Virginia Beach, VA

I am so glad I had this done! I looked so haggard now I look so bright and refreshed! The surgery was a breeze, I felt nothing. My care from the doctor as well as his staff was excellent. I had this surgery combined with a fat transfer and was extremely happy. READ MORE

Gone in 4 Days - Virginia Beach, VA

Looked good right after it was done, new technique no bruising except for the small needle pricks day 4 it's almost completely dissolved. This was to fix Restalyne that also dissolved too quickly so I wasn't charged for this second round of two syringes. READ MORE