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Kaz give it a little more time. Bruising will go away eventually. Some people bruise differently than others. If you take aspirin daily you bruise even more than not. It does get better! READ COMMENT

Kaytee don't give up! Go back, a zillion times if you have to, to your doctor until you get it right. You put out to much money to not have it done correctly to your satisfaction. I am having an issue with my neck also. On one side... READ COMMENT

The pain you are having on one side. Is it true pain constantly or is it occasionally discomfort? The reason I ask is I had it often but not constant feeling where I massaged it and it felt better. I did have what I call a "pouch" of... READ COMMENT

Yes that is good news. After all the 1000's you paid him, he should do all the followup procedures for free. Mine has! Be patient on when those procedures will be done. I had to wait 3 months because my doctor wanted more healing done... READ COMMENT

Trust me I have gone through the exact same feelings as you have. My orginal surgery took 6 hours with the eyes and face lift. I have had my ups and downs as you are experiencing now. You will have more to come. Just keep in mind how... READ COMMENT