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How Long Is It Necessary to Wait for Rhinoplasty Revision to Fix Only Nostril?

I had a open revision rhinoplasty a month ago (closed primary, July 2011). Goal was to narrow the tip & nostrils more, but primarily to fix my left nostril, which looked... READ MORE

1 year post op, What's Wrong with my Nose? (photo)

My rhinoplasty (over a year ago) was supposed to fix my deviated septum, narrow my tip and my nostrils. The assymetry in my nose post-op is quite drastic in comparison to... READ MORE

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There are many happy Davis patients that had very bad cases before they saw him. Also, I don't see how Davis advertises himself when I have to specify what kid of surgeon he is when I search him on google, he keeps a low profile. I've... READ COMMENT

I've actually been contacting patients on many boards publicly as well as privately, I've never had anyone (who claims to have a negative result) come forward. I've tried many things, and I've been doing this well over a year. The only... READ COMMENT

Then how/where did you see all these bad Davis results? READ COMMENT

That's odd because I was only able to contact happy patients who sent me their pictures. I came across unhappy patients, but none were willing to send pictures and many didn't even reply. Could you direct me to where to find these... READ COMMENT

Really sorry about your experience. I had 3 rhinoplasties also, so I know how you feel. I think you're very pretty, despite the fact that you dislike your nose, you have nice features. I'm guessing based on your location, your surgeon... READ COMMENT