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Worst plastic surgery Experience - Los Angeles, CA

I wanted new breasts and a little fat taken from my midsection. Easy enough right? Well Im left with weird nipples and dents all through out my midsection. Id pay double what I paid him to have my old body back. :( READ MORE

Breast Implant Removal and Lift - Pasadena, CA

Im super happy that I finally decided to remove my implants. I have hated them pretty much since the day I got them. Not becasue I had any issues ( hardening, etc) with them but more because I felt like I was very top heavy and it really limited the clothing I could wear. I had my first set of... READ MORE

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Im really pleased with the doctor that did my reduction and he was a good 4K less than the beverly hills consults I went on( You pretty much pay for the area) . I am super picky and I liked him. His name is Dr. Otoole in Pasadena. Check... READ COMMENT

I personally had surgery with Dr Motykie and I have to disagree. His surgical scars are horrible and I speak for not only myself but also for another girl that personally emailed me ( we met on another forum) . I had my surgery with... READ COMMENT

I actually had photos posted until about a week ago but they were of my revision with a new doc. After Dr. M I had my lipo fixed by a doc in the same building ( so if yours go bad) Ill give you his name. And then for the jacked up... READ COMMENT

If you had a benelli. Your nipples are where they are going to be. They dont usually dont go up any higher later. If your implants were sitting really high ( which they arent) Id say they "may" drop and then the nipple would come up a... READ COMMENT