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Worst plastic surgery Experience - Los Angeles, CA

I wanted new breasts and a little fat taken from my midsection. Easy enough right? Well Im left with weird nipples and dents all through out my midsection. Id pay double what I paid him to have my old body back. :( READ MORE

Breast Implant Removal and Lift - Pasadena, CA

Im super happy that I finally decided to remove my implants. I have hated them pretty much since the day I got them. Not becasue I had any issues ( hardening, etc) with them but more because I felt like I was very top heavy and it really limited the clothing I could wear. I had my first set of... READ MORE

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I personally had surgery with Dr Motykie and I have to disagree. His surgical scars are horrible and I speak for not only myself but also for another girl that personally emailed me ( we met on another forum) . I had my surgery with... READ COMMENT

I actually had photos posted until about a week ago but they were of my revision with a new doc. After Dr. M I had my lipo fixed by a doc in the same building ( so if yours go bad) Ill give you his name. And then for the jacked up... READ COMMENT

If you had a benelli. Your nipples are where they are going to be. They dont usually dont go up any higher later. If your implants were sitting really high ( which they arent) Id say they "may" drop and then the nipple would come up a... READ COMMENT

Thanks so much for the info. I actually emailed him and he was kind enough to email me back and he said he may be coming to california for a few clients! Did he only do one treatment for you? Or did you have to do a touch up? When was... READ COMMENT

Your breast/ areolas look great! I just looked vinnie up but hes in MA. Did you go out there to have it done. Im looking for someone in california. If you have any suggestions, let me know.. Thanks :) READ COMMENT