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3 years 4 months post TT & 1 & 1/2 months since final dog ear removal

I am a 39 year old mom of a 9 & 11 year old. I exercise regularly & eat healthy most of the time. I am 5'3" & 115 lbs. I am going for a full TT with muscle tightening & a bit of lipo. After pregnancy, my skin never went back and it has a saggy, wrinkly hang. I also... READ MORE

1 year post scar revision & 1 month post dog ear removal - New Photos at end!!

I am 40 years old, had 2 children and was left with saggy loose skin. I had my tummy tuck with muscle repair 10 months ago on 4/8/11. I am very happy with how my tummy looks. I was, however, left with a very thick scar and a dog ear (skin that sticks out at the end of the incision). Most of the... READ MORE

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Will the Thickness of Tummy Tuck Scar Tissue Soften and Become Less Ugly?

Hi! I had my tummy tuck 4/8/11 - 5 months ago. Although I am very happy with the results, I notice that my scar in some areas is thicker than I have seen on other women. I know... READ MORE

How Many Months Post Op Until I Can Get my Dog Ear Revised? (photo)

Hi! I had my tummy tuck on 4/8/11. I am almost 7 months post op. Although I am very happy with my results, I am left with a dog ear on my right side which shows when I wear my... READ MORE

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Any easy healthy recipes to share?

I had my tt on 4/8/11 & looking back, the best advice was to make food ahead of time and freeze it.  I also found easy recipes helped a lot in those first few weeks... READ MORE

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Thank you!! I did put on about 15 or so pounds in the 3 years since I got my TT :( but I am happy to say that the past 3 weeks I have lost about 8, so 7 more to go & I will be back to my goal weight. I just love to eat, that is my... READ COMMENT

Yes, I am so happy, but it sure was a long frustrating road! Let me know any questions, always happy to help. READ COMMENT

Yes, my scar was thick & red & raised. It was from the first day - the nurse tried to help me to sit up & I wasn't ready & my whole abdomen shot out in excruciating pain which caused me to fall straight back onto the bed - completely... READ COMMENT

My PS did not charge me as it was a part of the final TT result. He did do it in an outpatient surgery center & I had to pay about $500 total (a pain!) for facility fees. I have heard that some PS do it in their offices. They numb... READ COMMENT

Stay positive, you are entering "swell hell". It was a very hard time I remember. I felt 6 months pregnant & like a beachball!! Mine was really bad for the first 7/8 weeks, then gradually with each passing week got better. Swelling... READ COMMENT