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Lumpy, Dented, Irregular Liposuction by Dr. Randal Haworth - Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Haworth left me with a lumpy, dented body after performing liposuction on me. I am in my 30s, with a BMI of 19. It has been a very long year of emotional distress/ covering up my body due to the very unfavorable results of his work (which I'm sure he is unaware of due to his complete lack of... READ MORE

Earlobe Sugery Gone Wrong by Dr. Randal Haworth -Los Angeles, CA

While I was having other surgery performed I asked Dr. Haworth about slightly reducing the size of my earlobes. I'd never had a facelift or earlobe surgery and my ears were normal looking but I felt that they looked rather large and that the lobes had stretched a bit from years of wearing heavy... READ MORE

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Looking for a Liposculpture/Body Contouring Specialist in Seattle

I had liposuction in several areas in Dec 2011 and though I paid top dollar and went to a board certified plastic surgeon with a "big name" I'm left with contour... READ MORE

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Noddy, I'm very sorry that you've been dealing with bad results as well, there are FAR too many of us aren't there? I think the fact that it isn't fixable is so important; even if there was some financial compensation it's little... READ COMMENT

I agree about the Beverly Hills surgeons. There is a lot of BS in LA. There is a lot everywhere but even more in LA. A lot of smoke and mirrors and PR stunts masquerading as talent! The TV docs are some of the worst. They hire a PR firm... READ COMMENT

Thanks Love Pink! I haven't heard of her but I'll definitely search her name and do some investigating. READ COMMENT

Noddy, thanks for your post. Unfortunately you cannot sue a doctor for poor cosmetic results. In the US we sign away these rights in the consents which is one of the reasons that there are so many "cosmetic" surgeons who have no... READ COMMENT

I did consider it but I just have zero trust in these people, so I decided to just let it go. I've seen the lengths they will go to in order to silence and intimidate their detractors and I've been pretty vocal. Thanks though :) READ COMMENT