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Lumpy, Dented, Irregular Liposuction by Dr. Randal Haworth - Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Haworth left me with a lumpy, dented body after performing liposuction on me. I am in my 30s, with a BMI of 19. It has been a very long year of emotional distress/ covering up my body due to the very unfavorable results of his work (which I'm sure he is unaware of due to his complete lack of... READ MORE

Earlobe Sugery Gone Wrong by Dr. Randal Haworth -Los Angeles, CA

While I was having other surgery performed I asked Dr. Haworth about slightly reducing the size of my earlobes. I'd never had a facelift or earlobe surgery and my ears were normal looking but I felt that they looked rather large and that the lobes had stretched a bit from years of wearing heavy... READ MORE

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Looking for a Liposculpture/Body Contouring Specialist in Seattle

I had liposuction in several areas in Dec 2011 and though I paid top dollar and went to a board certified plastic surgeon with a "big name" I'm left with contour... READ MORE

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You two are rabidly and disturbingly devoted, I'll give you that much, but these conversations are a matter of public record so your disputing the facts is really quite sad. Skingirl- your first sentence on George's thread was... READ COMMENT

Skingirl did the same thing by the way. She showed up on a review of an unhappy patient out of the blue in order to defend the doctor and trash everyone on the thread. Who does that? Seriously! Apparently both of you. So to say that she... READ COMMENT

Too funny Lovenlife. I had very bad results with Dr. Haworth and posted my pictures here on realself. You came to both of my reviews to defend the doctor and discount the severity of my results though they're plain to see. I am not a... READ COMMENT

I haven't posted any photos since the revision as I look almost the same. Immediately afterwards I did see some improvement but as the swelling subsided and everything calmed down the ditches are still very evident. The surgeon who did... READ COMMENT