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Lumpy, dented, irregular liposuction and botched lip lift, tip-plasty, and earlobes by Dr. Randal Haworth - Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Haworth left me with a lumpy, dented body after performing liposuction on me. I am in my 30s, with a BMI of 19. It has been a very long year of emotional distress/ covering up my body due to the very unfavorable results of his work (which I'm sure he is unaware of due to his complete lack of... READ MORE

Botched revision lip lift and tip plasty, liposuction and earlobe surgery by Dr. Randal Haworth -Los Angeles, CA

While I was having other surgery performed I asked Dr. Haworth about slightly reducing the size of my earlobes. I'd never had a facelift or earlobe surgery and my ears were normal looking but I felt that they looked rather large and that the lobes had stretched a bit from years of wearing heavy... READ MORE

Revision Lip Lift and Tip Plasty with Dr. Randal Haworth - Los Angeles, CA

Prior to having surgery with Dr. Haworth, I'd had mostly good experiences with plastic surgery. All had improved my looks but there were a few that I was not 100% happy with. A skin only lip lift had pulled my columella down and previous rhinoplasty had left me with some tip asymmetry. Both... READ MORE

Part 2 - Corrective Liposuction with BBL: Fat Transfer to Dents, Hips, Buttocks, and Gluteal Fold. - Dr. Mendieta Miami, FL

I had a very bad experience with liposuction approximately 3 years ago that left me with with very obvious contour irregularities on my lower back, and ruined my feminine shape, leaving me with a squarish, boxy shaped body and a drooping butt due to liposuction of the banana roll area. I was... READ MORE

Questions from Seattle2584

How soon can a minor lipo touch up be done after a Brazilian butt lift? (Photo)

I just had a brazilian butt lift 2 days ago and am happy with the results except that I have a crease at my waist which looks really bad. I think more fat needs to be taken... READ MORE

Can a bump ruin fat grafts?

It's been 6 days since I had a Brazilian Butt Lift, and I've been SUPER careful so far, but I just banged into the side of a bathroom vanity right on my hip/buttock where the... READ MORE

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Looking for a Liposculpture/Body Contouring Specialist in Seattle

I had liposuction in several areas in Dec 2011 and though I paid top dollar and went to a board certified plastic surgeon with a "big name" I'm left with contour... READ MORE

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They really did, but I think I need more. I'm starting to swell massively again! READ COMMENT

I'm bored and bedridden right now, still recovering, stuck in a hotel room far from home, so glued to realself when I'm not sleeping. Just read through Callsmebabydoll's review and now I'm super scared! She looked so good, and was so... READ COMMENT

So sorry you went through all this only to end up with dents and problems :( I had a horrific experience with lipo several years ago and finally just had a BBL/lipo correction that I WAS so excited about. I thought I was fixed! Now... READ COMMENT

Thanks! Just peeked at your review, I see your surgery is coming up, how exciting! A bit of advice for you since we're close to the same age (I just turned 40) and both have a slimmer build (my normal weight is 110-115 at 5'4"). Gain as... READ COMMENT

Hey! It's been a while, good to see you're still doing your research! Let me just say that realself is as much (if not more) about referring customers to the doctors than it is a site for patients to gather unbiased information on... READ COMMENT