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Left with Orange Peel Texture Aftewr Serieis of Professional TCA Peels !5% - Help!

Had series of TCA peels done - 4 with plastic surgeon. Peels were TCA and was told to prep skin with retin a and discontinue retin a three days before peel. My last peel was 8... READ MORE

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Hi did you ever fully recover - I had forehead done and my 11s done 20 units conservative supposedly and now left with eyebrow droop Did you finally heal . . . conservative concocsupposedly conservagtiveconservative READ COMMENT

Thank you for comments and time What is weird is the facial pain . . . Never experienced before so scared Thank you and hope you all heal. READ COMMENT

Hi I had my forehead and glabella injected two weeks ago supposedly conservative amount 20 units total My eyebrows drooped leaving heavy eyelids I am worried bout same thing and under eye area looks likes bags Help READ COMMENT

Hi I just had my forehead done and glabella area and I am experiencing the same thing eylid droop and bags under eyes - it has been 9 days This has never happened to me before I have been getting botox for my elevens for three years... READ COMMENT

O I did it again Juvederm 24 hours a go in lips How stupid I can see a bluish tint in lower lips and hoping just a bruise instead of bad injection Help only been 24 hours yesterday no wierd color jus a little swelling READ COMMENT