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not !Wow! -

I was maybe ten pounds over my normal weight; a work injury caused me to not be able to exercise for over a year and I gained a lot of belly and side fat. It bothered me a lot when my jeans began not to fit me. I researched Smart Lipo for a long time. I finally consulted with my doctor (who is... READ MORE

Best Thing I Ever Did! - Amherst, MA

I am an person of Irish decent and I have very dark hair. And the hair was in places that I did not want to maintain all the time. This includes facial hair, belly line, breast, armpit, bikini line. So when I had the funds I had laser hair removal done. I am so happy with the results. No more... READ MORE

Love Botox -Amherst, MA

I have had botox over the years around my eyes. My Dr. or his nurse practitioner does the injections. They are not too bad; a little bit painful but definitely tolerable. There is really not much to it. I had Dysport one time in San Francisco with no noticeable results though, so I stick to... READ MORE

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Question About Doctor's Opinions on People's Experiences One Year Plus After Lipo?

I have been reading the responses of doctors to the questions people have about gaining weight after lipo and fat re-distribution.I am wondering why the doctors don't take the... READ MORE

Smartlipo Ruined my Figure?

I would like some transparency on this issue that does not involve the typical response: Lipo is not an excuse to pig out and not exercise. I had smart lipo on abdomen and... READ MORE

Why No Published Studies?

I asked a question about the lack of transparency concerning smart lipo and a Dr. responded in a way that was exactly what I did not want. I am not asking about whether women... READ MORE

Regarding Liposcution in Particular,I Am Wondering How Doctors Feel,ethically,about Bad Outcomes & Who Should Pay for Revisions?

I have read many many reviews about liposcution and disfiguring results. I would like to know who should pay for revisions? If, for example, a doctors says: You are the perfect... READ MORE

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What do YOU do to fix the affects of a bad lipo outcome? Clothes? Mental health? Need tips.

Hi, I had lipo done a couple years ago. After initial 'good' results, I noticed that every area not lipo'd got fat. I was a small breasted woman and now they are huge. I... READ MORE

Liposuction and Revision; Do you know how the docs feel about revision?

I asked a question of the docs. I thought this answer from Steve Laverson M.D. of San Diego was the most interesting and you should read it very carefully if you are... READ MORE

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You could also check local agencies (councils on aging) or the YWCA/YMCA, local schools or universities etc. etc. I bet there are a lot of options available. Yoga would be good too. Just have to do some hunting. READ COMMENT

Hi DonnaLu~ so I wonder how you can get some answers..and who would provide them? I wouldn't go to a PS because body-fat is not an issue they are familiar with in a biological sense. My worry for you is that someone will say they can... READ COMMENT

Again, I disagree. There are not a lot of properly formed studies that show that liposuction (or fat removal; it doesn't really matter how it is done) is safe or efficacious. There ARE studies that show how removing adipose tissue IS... READ COMMENT

With all due respect, I think your answer is misleading and it's just the same answer that all lipo-doctors give. And that is about the patient of a lipo treatment being at fault for any bad outcome because she (or he) over-eats.... READ COMMENT

So~ no, the US is not so great at health or healthcare. We actually rank pretty low and well below other wealthy countries. And medical harm is a leading cause of death in the US. Do we have good education and medical ability? Yes! But... READ COMMENT