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Stitches dissolve??..i had them removed today..:/..its exactly one week from my upper lid op..i still got a terrible blue bag under one this normal?:( READ COMMENT

Stitches dissolve???,,i had them removed today..:/..its my one week exactly from having my upper lid..i still have a terrible purple bag under one this all normal? READ COMMENT

One of my eyes got a horrible blue redish bag if i was punched hard:)) to cure it fast? my first post op appointment.. READ COMMENT

By the way wearing glasses,just simple glass with a thick black frame helps alot to hide the ugly navy stiches specialy at night when you can't wear sun glasses :) READ COMMENT

Day two.. The reddish awful color is starting to fade and i can now draw my vision a bit to the side ,,didn't wash my face yet,,feeling dirty,,8-} READ COMMENT