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My Experience - Wisconsin

I have very painful lipomas. Sometimes they have been called Vascular Lipomatosis or Angio-Lipomas. I have had hundreds (yes that's correct) removed surgically. I have been doing it over 20 years. The first Lipoma was taken out in 1983. I think I've had close to 800 take out now. My... READ MORE

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You can have them surgically removed. If you keep up on them, the scarring (for me) was minimal and the relief was enormous. Have you been diagnosed by a Dr. ? Do you see a Dr. ? I also did counseling to help deal with it and... READ COMMENT

The true cause of the Lipomas (in my case) is still not known. To removed them, the only safe way, is to have each one removed surgically. I would say I have Fibromyalgia symptoms but that is caused by the Lipomas. When I got my... READ COMMENT

Thanks Rajibaji, Great info. The dining room table would scare most, but, lol. It wouldn't bother me. Once you have a couple hundred taken out, its kinda like clipping your finger nails. Its just maintenance, lol. I like your upbeat... READ COMMENT

OMG That is ridiculous. Was it a plastic surgeon or a general surgeon ? I'm still for a unifed health care system. Get rid of every single insurance company that raises the overhead so high for us and the dr's, and than health... READ COMMENT

Where do you get the 4585 for each one ? One of the reasons for doing more at once is because of the initial charges. If you get one at a time taken out its going to cost a fortune. If you do 10 it costs alot less since the surgical... READ COMMENT