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Works but Hurts - Las Vegas, NV

I had two treatments done a year apart of each other. I got excellent results, a younger, fresher, firmer skin immediately. But I barely had sagging skin to begin with. I think this is what Thermage is best for, someone who is just starting to show aging signs. Any more than just a hint... READ MORE


Microdermabrasion did absolutely nothing for me. Didn't remove wrinkles, didn't tighten or freshen and I went weekly for a couple months. My skin looked exactly the same when I finished my 10 sessions as it did when I started. Maybe it works on someone who has skin that is criss-crossed with... READ MORE

TCA Did Nothing For Me

I think it depends on what chemical is used for the peel what results you get. I had a few treatments with TCA. They did nothing except turn my skin brown in some areas, and then peel. My skin didn't look fresher, brown spots weren't removed, my acne wasn't improved. I got zero results. I don't... READ MORE

You'll Look Like A Freak But It's Worth It - Las Vegas

I had CO2 laser resurfacing years ago. It didn't change the surface of my skin one bit, but it really tightened up the collagen underneath (better than Thermage). When I was in my late 30s, I looked like I was in my early 20s. I would get carded at casinos. The results lasted for years... READ MORE

Like a Milder Version of Thermage

I had Thermage done years ago and started IPL with the Radiance machine. They are similar in sensation. The IPL is hot but not as intensely painful. The results are not as as dramatic, either. I had IPL done to freshen my skin and hopefully tighten slight sagging. I just had two... READ MORE

Got zero results. - Waste of Time and Money - Las Vegas, NV

I had eight treatments, drank all the water recommended and got zero results. This is a bogus anti-cellulite treatment. READ MORE

Only Real Cure for Acne Out There

I had very oily skin and scalp. I used Accutane for almost a year and it helped dry up the oil and completely cleared up my skin. Today, I have never get blemishes. Pros: It's been years since I was on it and I didn't have any side effects. The results were permanent. The cons:... READ MORE

Extremely Painful, Expensive and Just Not Worth It - Dallas, TX

I had this procedure done to my lower face. Immediately after I had it done, I looked great. This must have been due to swelling. After a few weeks, I looked the same. It never improved. I had both the shallow and deep transducers used, and injections of lidocaine to numb my face. When the... READ MORE

For Face It Does Nothing - For Cellulite It Works - Wichita Falls, TX

Accent XL for skin tightening treatments on the face do NOTHING. And I have mild sagging, so if it couldn't tighten me up, it can't tighen anyone. Accent XL for cellulite does work beautifully, especially when used in confunction with another method, like endermologie afterwards. BUT you... READ MORE

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Micro needling is excellent for treating scars, even old ones. It softens and makes them blend in. It helps stimulate collagen, which should be anti-aging, but I haven't found that it works for tightening skin or reducing wrinkles.... READ COMMENT

Micro needling and EPrime are NOT THE SAME THING!! Micro needling is just that, tiny needles rolled over the skin. This EPrime uses radio frequency to heat up the skin. Vastly different treatments. READ COMMENT

Thank you for sharing your horrible experience! I'm so sorry this happened to you. One thing I want to comment on is that you don't appear to have needed it in the first place. I can't see any sagging or jowls. Your skin looked... READ COMMENT

To answer your question: can these types of skin tightening procedures destroy fat? Yes, they can. Your face could look slimmer after the Titan if it destroyed some fat cells. That was one of the huge problems people found with... READ COMMENT

I don't use TCA peels, so I can't answer from personal experience. I would not use the Tripollar Stop until peels have completely healed. Or stop getting them while you're using the Tripollar Stop. It's just going to be too much for... READ COMMENT