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Bad fat overfill - ongoing review

I didn't use to think that fat transfers were a big deal. I'm in my 20s and spent money regularly on expensive juve and resty treatments - thought fat would be more economical in the long run and a worthwhile investment. Sadly, my surgeon didn't listen, lacked ethics and... READ MORE

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Removing Lip Fat Nodules Through Excision

I wish to remove my fat graft in my upper lip, which I had done last year. If the fat nodules are removed by making a small incision, will the transplanted fat literally... READ MORE

Bullhorn Lip Lift - Conservative Touch Up Possible?

A while ago, I had a 'muscle hemming' lip lift, which although successful, caused much scarring and an elevated nose tip. My lip length was so severe that I didn't... READ MORE

How Long Does Botox in the Masseter Muscle/jawline Really Last?

I only had 15 units per side 4 wks ago & it "worked" far too well! My doc says it'll wear off in 3-6 months, many Realself docs have stated 4-6, but I've... READ MORE

How to Raise Post-surgery Concerns with a Surgeon

I'm unhappy with the results of a surgery performed many months ago, and wish to raise this with the doctor who performed it. I'm very nervous about doing this - I... READ MORE

Can an Alar Base Reduction Cause the Upper Lip to Appear Smaller?

Does moving the nostrils inwards result in a lip which is smaller lengthways? READ MORE

Removing Fat Transfer Through Facelift Cuts

I noticed that some Drs on Realself have recommended facelift cuts as a last resort to remove less than desirable results from fat transfer. As most Q&As refer to... READ MORE

Role of Ultrasound Therapy in Removing Facial Fat Transfer?

I've read that ultrasound therapy can both break up subcutaneous scar tissue and, in addition, that it may have a role in reducing or removing facial fat transfers. Is... READ MORE

Lip Reduction - Empty Feeling in Lip Post-op

I had injected fat syringed out my lip a few months ago. However, my lip feels kind of empty in places now. Why may this have happened? Will it resolve? Thanks very much. READ MORE

Why Has Some of my Fat Transfer Gone Hard Almost 1 Year Later

I have 2 very large areas of hardened fat, namely the cheek and buccal areas. All the fat seems to have clumped together and it's visible through the skin in the cheek.... READ MORE

Does freezing fat cells kill or preserve them?

I would like to try Coolsculpting on my inner thighs. But I read on this site that some doctors store fat injections in a freezer in order to keep them alive. So, how can... READ MORE

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True... I wonder how they know how noses turn out in particular. That's a surgery that a good portion of people end up dissatisfied with, and you'd think the whole thing would swell into a vegetable when they break the bone... READ COMMENT

Asking for pictures of patients several years out is a good idea and one I wish I'd thought of at the time. Then again, I was told that fat was a dermal filler with your own fat. This is exactly what the doctor told me before I made the... READ COMMENT

Hello Dr, the Ebook is on Amazon. It came out a few days ago but there's already a review down for it. If you put the title into Amazon you can find it there. It's more of an essay than a book. READ COMMENT

Yes it's a very relevant question! I never thought about that until I read it there. But I did think about how the doctor knew exactly where the fat was going with all the jabbing around with the cannula. It seems as if they throw it... READ COMMENT

The name of the book is "cosmetic surgery and lying, unethical, deceitful doctors" by Kimberly Gavondrich. It's more like a long essay than a book, but interesting reading nonetheless, as have never seen a book like it before. A poster... READ COMMENT