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Belly Button Collapse

Hey ladies, I have a friend who works for a PS in Chicago and she mentioned that I should ask my PS for the gel to prevent my belly button from collapsing. Has anyone heard of... READ MORE

How To Keep From Snacking

Well ladies, I'm three weeks post op tomorrow and I can really see the results now. Yes my tummy is still swollen but I actually have an hourglass again! So happy about... READ MORE

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I'm 54 and had a tt with lipo on April 21st. No problems whatsoever. Was back at work (office) 11 days post op. Feeling fantastic. Down 2 pant sizes and loving it. Hope that helps! READ COMMENT

MO2P, don't worry about what your sisters are saying. You didn't do this for them but for you. Sounds as though they may be just a teeny bit jealous knowing how good you're going to look. It would be nice if they could support your... READ COMMENT

Niffie, so glad to hear from you. I don't have any of those spasms. I wonder if everyone experiences them at some time or another? I have my 6 week p/o on Monday so I'll as the doctor then. I'm LOVING the way I look. Down from... READ COMMENT

Youngmomof4, YES IT DOES GET BETTER! Much better. Just stop thinking about it. Remember you've had major surgery and your internal tissue is swollen from all the trauma. Try to take it easy and relax. Stressing over the outcome at... READ COMMENT

Chyck, don't get discouraged. Today I am six weeks post op and boy oh boy the changes over those past six weeks are becoming very noticeable. Down from a size 12 pant to a size 8. Nice flat tummy even though I still have swelling... READ COMMENT