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Reviews by truecolors

"Thread Procedure" for Cheeks

Don't do it. I spent $2500 having a thread procedure performed on me in 2002, only to have two separate surgeons tell me in 2008 that I would have to have the strings removed when I sought a facelift in anticipation of my son's wedding--he is marrying into a prestigious family, and I wanted to... READ MORE

Permanent Lip Implants Made Me Look Younger, Sexier, More Expressive - Austin, TX

I love my permanent lip implants because they have changed my appearance for the better, in a very subtle way, and make me look and feel a lot younger. Photos of me come out better, too, because the thicker lips give more '3 dimensionality' to my face. But best of all, they're... READ MORE

Bad Eyebrow Tattooing

This is about bad eyebrow tattooing. It's also about a bad blepharoplasty that had to be revised (the pen lines in the were sketched in by a different surgeon as a suggestion for the revision), but right now let's stick to the tattooing. This tattooist was 'medically... READ MORE

Bad Blepharoplasty Had to Be Re-done

Worth it BUT ONLY IF you get a skilled surgeon, not like the dermatologist-gone-cosmetic-surgeon who did my eyelids in the photo below. You'll never know what your blepharoplasty looks like until you see photos taken of yourself at angles (and we readers never will, either). The mirror is... READ MORE

Questions from truecolors

Tatgone or Rejuvy - Do They Work for Tattoo Removal?

No one has mentioned them yet. They are supposed to remove permanent tattoos by 'tattooing them out.' Supposedly it's safer, more effective, and less expensive than laser... READ MORE

Getting Rid of Eyebrow Tattoo for Brow Lift?

A respected Plastic Surgeon recommended brow lift as an improvement before my son's wedding this June. But then, he realized that I had permanent eyebrows tattooed on and that... READ MORE

Will Forehead Tucks Help Make the Eye Area Less Droopy?

Someone suggested "forehead tucks" on each side of the forehead to make the area under my eyebrows and over my outer eyelids look less droopy. I had a blepharoplasty in 2003,... READ MORE