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The only thing that came up is Facial Magic, and Cynthia says she learned them in Paris from memory! READ COMMENT

Which ones - whats the name of them? There are many exercise systems that involve gloves, Facial Magic, Eva Fraser etc to name but a few of the popular ones. So the "intense" label is intriguing. READ COMMENT

Granted without nutrition body builders would fail, but the bodybuilders goals are different than most women doing facial exercises. To compare them is ridiculous and completely missing the point I was making. Likewise with “healthy... READ COMMENT

Actually I'm double that age group but again, I'm not saying what you eat doesn't effect your health or looks, but what I am saying is that I hear repeatedly is the pros of each program blame diet for lack of results and I'm having a... READ COMMENT

I'm not saying it doesn't effect the body, but what I am saying is just how much of an impact does it actually have when it comes to facial exercises? There's no need to be so defensive about a simple question asking for evidence is there? READ COMMENT