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Botox - Hawaii

Well. The first time I tried Botox, it not only didn't "work", but I THINK it made me sick. I had a fever for several days, no other symptoms. Subsequently, I found out from another physician that Botox must be mixed the day of injection so that it is fresh and to achieve optimum... READ MORE

The Best - Maui, HI

After 37 years, I discovered one of my breasts was hard . . . and I was also having several other symptoms (may or may not be related). It seemed this "hardening" occurred suddenly and practically overnight. I had been seeing Dr. Yu for a few years since another corrective procedure he... READ MORE

Questions from Mauiartist

Eyelid Not Healing After Canthoplasty, What Should I do?

I had a canthoplasty on my left eyelid and canthopexy on the rightJuly 2011. The right eyelid healed fine.The left is still not healed, and despite multiple injections of... READ MORE

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Wellll . . . I gotta argue that about the excellent care in hospital. I paid an extra $2500 to have my procedure done there AND spend one night post op. I ALSO paid an intern to stay with me all night, and BOY WAS I GLAD I DID! I... READ COMMENT

I have seen and heard too many stories such as the one you describe. NO WAY worth the risk. Charge it here, (on a credit card) whatever it takes to have it done in the USA (or wherever you are from). At least here we have malpractice... READ COMMENT

Yes, true. But being near the surgeon for the weeks and months following is a must. I would never again go to a foreign country and then fly home a couple of weeks later. I did all the right things including arnica. I would have... READ COMMENT

Agreed. My experience not much better (with another physician Dr. Araya). Lied to. Still have bad scars, was told I was getting procedures I did not receive . . . had to also seek out other physicians back here at home. I would... READ COMMENT