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Finally Going to Do It - Atlanta, GA

Since puberty I have had a widows apron (the lovely flap of skin a lot of us get only after prenancy/ c-section). I have lost a lot of weight and the flap just hangs down lower. Since having my two kids - and gaining and losing 60lbs both times, I now have a bigger, flabbier, flap that hangs... READ MORE

One Year Later: Tummy Tuck Revision and Necrotic Tissue Excision from Breast - Atlanta, GA

Last February I had a full tummy tuck, with muscle repair and breast lift. I ended up with a serratia infection, separation at both hips and a mass of necrotic tissue in my left breast. I had a 9lb flap removed from my tummy - I would say about 2/3 of the way around, so I have some dog ears... READ MORE

Questions from Momof2inGA

What is the Best Lotion to Use for Scar Treatment?

I had a tummy tuck and breast augmentation (no implants) in February and I'm using the lotion the plastic surgeon gave me, but wanted your opinion on what the best lotion... READ MORE

Do I Have to Apply Sunblock After 6 Pm?

We wait until 6 pm during the summer for outdoor activity. Is it still necessary to apply sunblock? READ MORE