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The Best Way to Remove Wrinkles Around and Under Eye?

Hi i am 42 years old woman.my look is very important to me,because i am a Tv REPORTER. may i know what is the best to correct hollow look around eye and also those wrinkles... READ MORE

Unhappy After Jaw Surgery, Genioplasty, Nose Job and Cheek Implants - Suggestions?

I had jaw surgery, bimax le fort 1 and genioplasty 4 yeas ago,later nose job and cheek implants,still i am not happy. i like to have rounder, younger and much prettier look.... READ MORE

Am I a Good Candidate for Jaw Angle Implant?

Dear doctors, Am I a good candidate for jaw angle implant?if yes,what type of it?and the cost? my jaw line is so narrow ,it make my look like a tired,old,hungery person. my... READ MORE

Heavy Breathing After Nose Surgery

Dear Doctors, I had nose surgery 3 years ago,but after that i have nose running problem and heavy breathing.if i bandage the nose will help my breathing. as you see by photos... READ MORE

Cost and Doctor Recommendations for Nose Revision in Toronto?

I have been told before doing another nose surgery i should really consider to find the best surgeon this time. I would like to have narrower,smaller ,better shape to harmoney... READ MORE

Am I a Good Candidate for Sculptra?

MY face getting thinner and hollower from the last 3 years ago and I would like to have fresher and fuller face,specially around cheek and jaw and under eyes areas. 2-i have a... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendation for Nose Revision Surgery

I have had nose surgery twice by 2 doctors. my 1st nose was much smaller, narrower and much prettier.they ruined my nose.the 1st doc did it as open surgery and 2nd one with... READ MORE

Revision Nose Surgery and How Far Can I Expect to Reshape and Fixing the Function

Dear Doctors I had a nose surgery 3 years ago and now I have running problem mostly and If I tape it hard on the middle part of the nose i can breath easier ,why ?? Am I able... READ MORE

Options for Symmetrical Face w/ Enhanced Jawline

Dear DR, I have some asymmetry in my face in terms of how my skull grew in,my right side is longer and narrower while left side is fuller and shorter, how can it be fixed?... READ MORE

Wrinkles Around Eyes - Blepharoplasty vs. Restylane vs. Fat Grafting?

Dear Dr I hate these wrinkles around my eyes,on the corners and under, recently I found some folding skins on the upper eye lid and dropping the corner and lower eye lids as... READ MORE

How to Shorten Distance Between Nose and Upper Lip?

Dear Dr, What is the best suggestion to shorten the distance of upper lip to the bottom of the nose? however I do not like to have gummy smile if upper lip moves upward. in my... READ MORE

Unhappy After Genioplasty, Jaw Surgery, How Can I Fix the Asymmetry? (photo)

I had jaw surgery, bimax le fort 1 and genioplasty 4 yeas ago,later nose job and cheek implants,still i am not happy. i like to have rounder, younger, more Symetrical,younger... READ MORE

Frenulum Was Cut and Bad Result is Showing Now, Is there Anyway to Correct? (photo)

Dear Docs I had lefort 1,jaw surgery in another country long time ago and the surgeon cut frenulum .therefore when i smile my upper lips hid of upper teeth ,my lip look... READ MORE

How to correct unhappy asymmetrical side of face? (photo)

I have a asymmetrical face. As a reporter it is very hard to turn my left side on mic when i am on air,my left side is fuller and happier than right. Is there a way to make... READ MORE