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I Had a EMG Done for Nerve Damage on my Left Side Flanks Due to Smart Lipo. Why Was the Test Done on my Thigh to my Feet?

No more then 3 weeks later after my surgery on my flanks I have bee in constant pain. I have a tingling feeling and a ache in my left flake. They did the nerve conductive test... READ MORE

Blepharoplasty, Is a ASOPRS Doctor O.k. for Blepharoplasty? Or Do I Need Board Certified?

I am alread scheduled for Blepharopoplasty upper only next month. The doctor is a member of ASOPRS here in Sacramento. Should I only be going to a Board Certified Doctor? He... READ MORE

Is Smart Lipo and Submental Lipo the Same Thing?

I am having upper eye lid surgery done on Nov 13th. I also want to have lipo done on my neck as well. Is lipo the same thing as submental. The doctor says submental would be... READ MORE

I work outside for a living, what is the best sunblock I can get?

I do not mind spending up to 50.00 for a good sunblock. The weather is getting very warm already in Sacramento. I do wear a hat as well. I used to wear Skin Ceauticals for the... READ MORE